Clean Up Your Dog's Poop or Someone Might Lose an Eye

A British toddler may lose her eye after encountering a pile of dog waste at the playground that she inadvertently wiped into her eye.

I guess this dog's poop is bigger than his bite.

Amiee Langdon will turn 2 next week. The poop she wiped into her eye has caused a dangerous condition called toxocariasis, which has caused swelling and bruising around her eye.

According to the Mirror:

Surgeons will be forced to remove Amiee Langdon's eye within days if antibiotics fail to stop it spreading to her brain.

Her furious mum Suzanne, 29, said: "Amiee's condition is the consequence of some thoughtless dog owner."

Damn straight. This is the kind of story that makes me crazy.


My husband and I often joke that having our dog and our toddlers places our lifestyles at odds. Children are not welcome at the dog park and dogs are not welcome at the playground.

But that's how it should be. As much as I love my dog and my kids, other children are scared of dogs and not all dogs are easily controlled. Dogs + playground = bad situation (just look at poor Aimee's eye for confirmation).

Last weekend we took Rocky (our chi-pin) to the dog park and people looked at our children with disdain. "Don't let her near my dog," one particularly frightened dog mama said. I get it. Dogs are sometimes scared of humans and they could lash out and she didn't want to get sued.

It isn't that I don't think dogs and toddlers can co-exist. Quite the opposite, in fact.

But we all (parents and dog owners) must be responsible. That means:

  • Leashing our dogs.
  • Teaching our kids not to pet stranger dogs.
  • Obeying rules about where dogs are welcome.
  • Cleaning up waste.

This is the kind of thing that gives all dog owners a bad name. I will just hope this poor little girl recovers and that in the future, all dog owners will remember to use a pooper scooper.

Do you have any tips for responsible dog ownership?

Image via foxypar4/Flickr


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