Happy Days

Man, I feel like I've been on a downer streak around here lately, what with the panic and the angst and the blah blah blah. Such is the ebb and flow and give and take of whatever you consider to be "progress" for your child. Some days are good and some days ... well. They kick you in the shins and steal your lunch money.

Stupid days.


So today, let's talk about the good days. In the past week, I have watched Noah:

1. Voluntarily climb into a sensory body sock (he's always HATED them, to put in mildly) and ...

2. Pretend to be a scary ghost (two points for expanded imaginative play!), and ...

3. Successfully run around the room after his OT without falling or tripping (three points for improved coordination and spatial awareness!).

4. Make up his very own bedtime story about Lightning McQueen, veering from the set script of the movie and coming up with his own solution to his own imagined in-story conflict.

5. Remain calm after his brother deliberately threw one of his Lego creations on the floor, causing it to come apart.

6. Assure me that he "wasn't mad at all!" when I scolded his brother and sent him to the Naughty Step for the offense, recognizing that I was upset and Ezra was upset just from our faces and my tone of voice.

7. Assure Ezra that he "wasn't mad, it's okay" and happily accept an apology hug from him.

8. Rebuild his Lego ship differently than it had been constructed before, the way it looked on the box, and be perfectly okay with it like that.

It might sound silly, but this small handful of moments will keep me coasting and smiling no matter what the next few days or weeks can hit us with. Bring it, Days. You're on notice, Weeks.

What has YOUR child done that made you grin like a big old mama loon lately?


Image via Amy Storch


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