Toddler + Hula Hoop = Massive Cuteness Overload

As the parent of a 3-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy, I know how much my baby (my 2-year-old is still my baby!) looks up to his sister.

Because of this, this video made me smile (and tear up a bit). Yes, I am a massive sap.

In it, a little boy of about 18 months sees his big sister who is about 4 hula hooping and his loud and enthusiastic parents encourage him. He jumps in the hoop, big grin on his face, and wriggles and squirms while the hoop sits at his feet.

I think what got me is the loving cheers and encouragement from the parents and the sister. He is just a baby, but it seems to me that with a family that supportive, he will go far.

In a world of depressing YouTube videos that border on child abuse, feast your eyes on one so sweet, you may get a cavity ...



How much does your young one copy your big one?

Image via Tony the Misfit/Flickr

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