Flight Attendants: The New Child Abuse Investigators?

southwest airlinesA flight attendant who took a toddler away from its mother on a New Mexico flight is being praised by the police for "neutralizing the situation."

Say what?

According to CNN, the mom had slapped and yelled at the toddler -- but police found no signs of physical abuse and have not cited the parents.

But it was OK for a Southwest Airlines employee to unhand the child from Mom?


I'm no fan of corporal punishment.

Slapping your toddler on a flight is just plain stupid. But let's face it: It's not criminal.

What would be criminal? The way I'd react if someone tried to take my toddler away from me on an airplane. Or anywhere for that matter. 

Especially if they weren't an official authority figure -- the police perhaps?

Giving extra credence to this mother is the fact that she obviously wasn't beating the snot out of her child. The kid hadn't a mark on him/her, and the parents haven't been charged with any kind of abuse.

She might have been stupid. But she wasn't a child abuser.

But take a child from their mother, and you're bound to truly terrify them. Not abuse them, sure, but scare the bejeezus out of them. And give their mother a heart attack.

So why is someone who stepped in and took her child away from her getting the A-OK from the cops?

Should random adults have the right to take our kids from us?

Editor's Note: Additional information released since this story was written indicates the child was not "snatched" away from the parents as was originally reported.

Image via cordey/Flickr

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