The Most Excited Grandma-to-Be in the World Captured On Film

A YouTube video currently making the rounds shows one grandmother's reaction to her daughter's pregnancy news.

She throws herself on the daughter, whooping like a warrior, jumping up and down and crying. This goes on for a good minute or more and is so, so very sweet.

Makes you wonder what she will be like when the baby is born ... it also makes me a little envious.

It's not that my family was not excited, they were. It's just that no one reacted quite like this:





I guess to me, during a week of such depressing news, it's so wonderfully exciting to see a family so excited about bringing a baby into the world.

Honestly, it makes me cry.

Maybe I'm revealing too much about my family, but suffice it to say that we are not the kind of people who get so excited and happy for one another in this way, and this video makes me wish we were.

When I told my family, everyone was happy but measured. My family is very cerebral and intellectual (both my father and stepmom are lawyers and my mom was a psychologist) so there were a lot of questions and some analysis, but this unbridled enthusiasm? Not so much.

It is really sweet to see.

How did your family take your big news?

Image via Tigr/Flickr

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