5 Reasons I Hate Dora the Explorer (But My Kid Loves Her)

Dora I ran into a giant Dora the Explorer celebrating her 10th birthday at BlogHer this weekend, and I posed for the requisite picture.

I even accepted a screen-printed shirt of Dora with my daughter's name on the top.

I am a total hypocrite.

Oh, don't get me wrong, my kid loves her some boots and backpack.

Dora is kiddie crack, and my kid has taken a huge snoot full.


But if she grows up to be anything like the bilingual girl with a horrible sense of direction, I give you permission to make me wear a Bad Parent badge.

Let's face it: Dora is a horrible role model.

1. She Doesn't Pull Down Her Shirt. Didn't her mother ever teach her presentation is everything? Tuck it in, girl, we don't want to see your belly button.

2. She Talks to Her Backpack ... and It Talks Back. Inanimate object lesson number one: If it talks back to you, put down the doobie.

3. She Has a Bad Memory. Is there any other reason to repeat three simple directions over ... and over ... and over.

4. She's Always the Victim. Note to Dora: Swiper will steal your stuff unless you lock that stuff up. Stop being a ninny and have his ass arrested.

5. She Doesn't Tell Her Parents Where She's Going. If my kid has plans with a squirrel and an iguana, I'd like to at least get her her shots first.

Does Dora drive you loco?


Image via NickJr

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