'Fraggle Rock' Makes ME Excited! 5 Ways to Get Your Kid Excited Too

Fraggle RockBless the miracle that is TV to DVD. I've been educating my toddler this summer on the childhood favorite that was Fraggle Rock.

That I wasn't able to view it often -- I was raised in a TV-free household -- made it that much sweeter when Red, Wembley, and Traveling Uncle Matt came to me from my grandmother's idiot box.

I'd have given my pink plastic beads to live in a cool underground lair with little Doozers building candy structures around me.

Fortunately you don't have to sprint past Sprocket to stock up on Fraggle-iffic goodies for your dance down memory lane.


1. Fraggle Rock DVDs. The complete series collection is out, so you can let the music play and save your worries for another day. Like maybe in a week or two? There are 20 discs to get through, after all.

Red Fraggle2. Fraggle Rock Stuffed Animals. Manhattan Toy has re-created the Fraggles ($25) in super-soft fabric that will stay snuggled in their arms while they dance their cares away.

Fraggle Rock costume3. Fraggle Rock Costumes. New this fall, these costumes ($110) are for Mom and Dad to help escort their little Fraggles out this Halloween.

Fraggle Rock tee4. Fraggle Rock Tees for Tots. It's the next best thing to going on tour with Mokey and crew -- a tee ($14.99) from the tour.

Fraggle Rock CD5. Fraggle Rockin' CD. Take the crew on the road with you with songs from the Fraggles, the Doozers, and the Gorgs ($21.99).

Did you watch Fraggle Rock? Will your kids?


Images via Amazon; Manhattan Toy; 80sTees; Stylin Online; Toys R Us

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