The Best 'Kid Smells'

toddler play-dohThat delicious baby smell starts to dwindle as the toddler years sneak up on your kid, but not to worry, toddlers do have some memorable scents of their own.

Peter Hartlaub of The Poop has written about his favorite kid smells a few times, and they include things like:

  • Cheerios and pee
  • Graham crackers and hair
  • Play-Doh and bananas

He writes:


When I stick my nose in a jar of peanut butter, it's not a particularly wonderful experience. But when my 2-year-old's head smells like peanut butter, I'm really smelling Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter + Pheromone X, which is a slightly different and infinitely more awesome scent.

Readers added more of their favorite smells:
1. Sunblock on the back of my 2-year-old's neck
2. Toddler morning breath
3. Salty beach kids
4. Freshly laundered blankies
5. My son's feet, even if he's worn socks all day
6. Cheerio breath

What's your favorite toddler smell?

Image via iLoveButter/Flickr

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