Inexpensive Outdoor Art: Let the Kids Make Wind Chimes

hand made wind chimeYou're either a wind chime person or you're not. No judgment here.

But with a mother-in-law who most definitely is a wind chime person, I figure a child-made chime is sure to go straight to Grandma's heart.

These sport a few distinct advantages: They're inexpensive, and they test kids' dexterity. Not to mention they keep the kids busy for awhile.

A few favorites from around the web:


1. Sumac Wind Chimes. Hollow wood is easy to work with and makes a unique sound, and the folks at Natural Kids used it to make their own twist on the garden favorite.

flower pot wind chimes2. Flower Pot Wind Chimes. Follow up a planting adventure with the kids with this hardy creation from Let's Explore.

can wind chime3. Coffee Can Wind Chime. An old can gains a second life with a CraftZine project that's easy to make your own.


Images via Natural Kids; Let's Explore; Craftzine

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