15 Phrases Guaranteed to Annoy Second-Time Moms (Like Me!)

Pregnant With Toddler
Be careful what you say to her!
It’s not earth-shattering to find out there are things you don’t want to hear when you’re pregnant. “Have you heard my horrible birth story?” is universally reviled. “Wow, are you having twins?” was said to me on July 4th weekend (and I’m not even that big).

And during the third trimester, “get sleep now, while you can!” is just ... cruel. Who can sleep in these last weeks? Between hip pain, constant peeing, and hormones, I’m looking at those three-hour stretches between feeds with anticipation, not horror.

Of course, as I've mentioned, a lot of people have been very kind and supportive when they see me with P. Mostly people who have already had two kids close together!

So here we go again: The worst things people say to pregnant ladies -- who are having their second, third, or more kids:


  • “You do know how this happens, right?”
  • “Aren’t you worried the older one will be upset?”
  • “Are you going to forget about the older one now?”
  • “Make sure you pamper yourself now!” (Really? With a toddler? You think anything’s getting pampered but her hiney?)
  • “You’d better get that older one toilet-trained!”
  • “Was this one planned?”
  • “Haven’t you had that baby yet?”
  • “Wow, are you Catholic?”
  • “Oh no! STILL no boy?” (or girl!)
  • “So are you trying for a (girl/boy) this time?”
  • “XY months apart? Eeeuugh ...”
  • “Did you even have time to lose the weight from the first one?”
  • “So you’re done after this one?”
  • “Can you really afford this?”
  • “Will you have the toddler at the birth?” (Maybe people only ask you that in San Francisco!)

What’s the most annoying thing someone has said to you in a later pregnancy? Tell us in the comments!

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