Elmo Is Looking for Facebook Friends

kid on computerWe all know how much fun Facebook is for grownups: There are the heated political arguments, hilarious videos, and proof of exactly how boring, fat, and bald your freshman-year crush ended up being.

And now, thanks to the delightful people at Sesame Workshop, it can be fun for your toddlers too. They've set up fan pages for several Sesame Street characters, including Elmo, Cookie Monster, Murray, and Grover. So far, Cookie Monster has the most friends, at 412,860, with Elmo and Bert and Ernie coming in next. Elmo even has a special greeting for people who fan his page.


On Bert and Ernie's page (the sidebar ad for which, I note without comment, was "Gay Is Ok!" when I clicked on it the first time), there are even links to classic Sesame Street clips. Does that not sound like an excellent way to entertain your toddler on your iPhone or Droid while you are stuck waiting somewhere?

There's not a ton of toddler-friendly stuff on Facebook, and rightfully so. Nickelodeon has a page, for example, but Nick Jr. doesn't, and neither does PBS Kids (although Bethany, a contestant on the most recent season of Fetch With Ruff Ruffman, does have a fan page and sometimes answers questions from viewers). Still, I know my kids are almost always nudging in front of me to see what's on my computer, and I know they'd love having a chance to see some of their favorites on FB. And quite frankly, I love the idea of getting status updates from my childhood favorites like Cookie Monster and Big Bird.

Check out their Twitter feeds as well @SesameStreet.

Would you friend some of your kids' favorites on FB?

Image via Peajewel/CafeMom

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