Two Teen Girls Use Facebook to Rob a House

unlocked door chainI've always been cautious about mentioning on Facebook when I'll be on vacation or going out of town -- yes, even to my "friends" who I'm pretty sure aren't felons. But this recent news story is exactly why.

Two teen girls used information gathered on another girl's Facebook to find out when her family's house would be empty -- and then burglarized it!

Are your Facebook-loving teens putting your home in danger? All it takes is one mention about the family trip to Disneyland, right?


Two Columbia County, NY teen girls -- Jessica Schwed, 18, and Jennifer Montague, 17 -- were arrested and face charges for allegedly burglarizing a Hillsdale home last Saturday.

According to police, Schwed knew the homeowner's daughter and figured out through Facebook updates that the parent (homeowner) was away on vacation and that the daughter would be away from the house at her job.

Then the girls broke into the home and stole a large flat screen TV, video game system, computer and alcohol and then tried to sell them.

But in this case, the teens got caught -- and how embarrassing cause everyone on Facebook's going to be talking about it. But seriously, isn't this scary?

What are your kids talking about on Facebook that might put your home in danger?


Image via marioanima/Flickr

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