Would You Buy a $58 Hair Care Product For Your Toddler?

mixed race hairI’m almost sure that I would.
Here’s the thing. Once upon a time I colored, straightened, and cut my hair into all sorts of stylish incarnations. Now, my one and only hair indulgence is really expensive hair care products. We’re talking $20 shampoos and conditioners; $60 intensive treatments. It’s a bit of an obsession.

Now I have more than one head of hair to wash, comb, detangle, and style: my son’s. I encouraged my husband to shed his ponytail long ago. I am an African American woman with natural (for those not in the know, “natural” means relaxer-free) hair; my husband is white with hair only slightly less curly than my own. Our son ended up with a gorgeous combination of the two – golden ringlets that really spring up when wet and dry into luscious, buoyant curls.  


Generally, I just use my hair care collection on his head. But the other day … and this is very exciting for hair junkies like me … I noticed that Target has started carrying Miss Jessie's, one of my favorite brands! OMG, I leapt.

And, they sell a product especially geared towards conditioning children’s locks. Oh, joy! Wouldn’t you know it? It costs $58 freakin’ bucks.

I haven’t gone back to Target since. The temptation is too great. What would you do? I mean, truth be told, my son’s hair can get a bit unruly, especially in the back, which has the habit of matting into one giant dreadlock if I forget to comb it (um, for a week … it’s happened before). I’ve tried the Jason’s and Johnson & Johnson. They don’t work.

We just have – let’s say special needs. And this product, for sure, could meet them. Could. I haven’t tried it yet. Here, check out this product description pilfered from the package:
“Hath no fear BABY BUTTERCREME is here to rescue kids, mommies and daddies from knotty, dried out tangled kinks and curls. This splendid moisture blend is essential for softening and growing out natural hair. Shhhh. On the hush, grownups looking for a softer scented alternative to Curly Buttercreme will love it too!”

Doesn’t that sound amazing? I could be tapping into nectar that’s perfect for the whole family – all without depleting my own supply. Oh, alas. I’ve lost all objectivity. I must put it to a poll.

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Image via K. Emily Bond

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