Are You Living With a Danger-Loving Daddy?

motorcycle riderDean McDermott, also known as Tori Spelling's husband and dad to Stella, 2, and Liam, 3, went home yesterday after being hospitalized for a week following a dirt bike crash that punctured his lung. According to Twitter, he'll have to undergo rehab for awhile, but he should be okay. McDermott is a self-described "avid motorcyclist and racer."

I wonder how soon -- and if -- he'll be getting back on the bike. And I wonder how Tori is feeling about it.

My husband loves motorcycles too -- he even proposed to me on one. He had a bike for most of our marriage until it was totaled in an accident when his friend borrowed it (no one got hurt, though his friend's ego was bruised a little). That was pre-kids. My husband has been meaning to get a new one, but just hasn't gotten around to it yet.

I'm kind of glad.


I no longer just have to worry about myself, I've got a 2-year-old to think of. It's totally out of the question for my husband to be maimed or killed in a motorcycle accident (or during any of the other thrill-seeking activities he undertakes -- rock climbing, ice climbing). His daughter needs her daddy.

Sometimes my imagination runs wild when he gets back late from a climbing trip, and I worry that he's dead. Do I wish he bowled or played poker or watched football on TV instead? No. He loves to climb. It makes him happy, and I know that he's safe and careful and skilled.

He's also anxious to share his love of climbing with our daughter. He bought her a climbing harness for her very first Christmas. I'll draw the line on letting her go for at least for a few more years, but if she's interested in climbing, I won't hold her back.

And if my husband wants to buy a motorcycle now that we have a child? He can still go for it. Yes, I'll be worried sick and imagine all kinds of crazy scenarios when he's a few minutes late getting home. But he's an adult and he can make his own decisions. Of course, there will be some rules surrounding my daughter and the motorcycle. Actually just one: She will never be allowed on the thing. But I can make that rule because she's a kid and I'm her mom.

For now, I'm enjoying my stress-free motorcycle-less days. If my husband does decide to get a motorcycle, there's just one tiny favor I ask: Honey, please take out a gazillion-dollar life insurance policy.

I may be understanding, but I'm not crazy.

Is your husband a thrill seeker? What kinds of activities does he do?


Image via Jim Brickett/Flickr

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