Fake Nails and 4 More Totally Inappropriate Gifts for Toddlers

fake nailsThere are the presents that make parents groan -- the noisy toy, the too many pieces that will get lost toy, and of course the toy you were refusing to buy but Grandma just made you look like an evil battle axe by buying. 

And then there are these: the inappropriate presents.

Never got one? Count yourself lucky, and allow yourself to laugh at our expense: 


1. Fake Nails -- Really, for a 3-year-old? I checked the bag for a "congrats on your first day at the strip club" card but couldn't find one.

2. Real Musical Instruments -- The electric guitar and the $300 timpani aren't necessary; we've got Tupperware folks.

3. Twilight Barbie -- Sure she likes dolls, but we're saving the necrophilia talk for sometime after the birds and the bees, sometime before graduation.

4. Precious Moments -- Aww, cute, something completely breakable that she can sit and stare at from the floor, just itching to knock off the top of the dresser.

5. Scrapbooks -- Because nothing says fun for kids like watching Mom piss and moan while SHE has to put together a book of memories for Granny. Repeat after us, folks: "3-year-old motor skills."

What's the most inappropriate present your toddler has gotten?


Image via bingbing/Flickr

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