Summer Craft for Kids: Sun Prints

sun printsCrafting is a great way to pass the time with your kids in summer, but who wants to spend July hiding inside the house?

Sun Prints were a favorite when I was a kid because they were arts and crafts that actually REQUIRED you to be outside.

That's because the sun does all the hard work, darkening the paper around whatever object you place in the center of a Sun Print to essentially create a negative.


It's the light area in the center that's your "art" -- and if you set the kids to work collecting cool flowers, leaves, and rocks in the yard, they can be completely nature-based.

Back in ye olden days, it required a bunch of icky chemicals to do this, but today's Sun Prints take just a piece of Sun Art Paper ($9.29 for 15 sheets) and some imagination.

Crafty mom Jen of one of my favorite craft blogs, Paint Cut Paste (hard to believe it's only been around for one year), did these as playdate entertainment recently, and she advises raiding your picture frame stash for extra sheets of clear acrylic that can be laid across the flowers to do multiple Sun Prints at one time.

sun printsJen really let the kids go wild -- notice in this photo they seem to have raided the toy box for inspiration too. If you guessed the center bottom photo features a bubble wand, you'd be right.

Have you done Sun Prints with the kids yet?

Images via Paint Cut Paste

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