For Instant Toddler Giggles Insert Mad Libs

mad libsMad Libs crack me up.

Which would be less embarrassing if I hadn't just turned over a box set of Mad Libs I was working my way through with my daughter and read the age recommendations: 3 and up.

So they're saying I'm just a big kid at heart, right?


You can't discount the nostalgia factor on this one -- these word games date back to the 1950s, and both my husband and I had them as kids.

If you've never played them: Mad Libs are basically a story with wide blanks in the place of key words. Those blanks have suggestions under them to describe what sort of word belongs there -- such as "person's name" or "noun."

Ask your child to fill in the blanks without giving them any context, and the results are the stuff of pure toddler giggles.

Which is my excuse for being a Mad Libs fan even now. My kid loves them.

It's like opening her mouth and inserting the giggles.

And did I mention we're sneaking grammar lessons into our summer vacation? Teaching your 4-year-old what a "proper noun" is means Mad Libs are as much function as they are fun.

We use a pencil to fill them in -- or a separate sheet of paper -- because I get the feeling her answers as she gets older will be even funnier.

There's even a Mad Libs store these days, with 101 titles to choose from. So is your kid going to go crazy for Club Penguin Mad Libs or old-school with the Mad Libs From Outer Space?

Or is this more a walk down memory lane for Mom and Dad?


Image via Mad Libs Store

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