An Almost Free Vacation With Your Toddler

toy suitcases
Photo from Maukilo
The economy might have forced you to give up on the big family vacation this year, but no one ever said you and the toddler can't take your own trip.

Psst -- the best part of this vacation is the price.

OK, that and the chance to have fun with your child, test their imagination, and have a toy for future fun. But let's keep our eyes on the prize, Mom and Dad.


HABA has just introduced little toy suitcases -- princess or traffic themed -- for playing "vacation."

They're $17.99 per set, which includes three different suitcases sized for them (think small toy storage, not a substitute for taking clothes to Granny's).

I love them for vacation play, but the metal clasp is another educational tool for teaching tots to open and close things. It will test their dexterity.

Are you going on vacation this year or opting for a staycation?

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