Should Mom and Dad Fly Solo in Case of a Crash?

paper airplane crash
Flickr photo by Old Sarge
Soon after I had my baby, I had these two thoughts:

  1. I can never die.
  2. I can never get divorced

Of course, I never really wanted to do either one of them before I was a mom, but having a child made them much more of an imperative. So I'm trying my best to avoid both -- which brings me to flying.

I love to travel, but hate to fly. I've always considered it something I needed to do to get me from here to there, white knuckles and all.


Since my daughter was born a little over two years ago, we've taken some family trips and my husband has made some trips on his own, but my husband and I have never flown together without our daughter. I'm not so sure I want to.

I look at it like this: If we fly as a family and the plane crashes, short of a miracle, we'll all die together. If my husband or I fly somewhere alone and the plane crashes, at least my daughter will have one of her parents left to care for her. But if my husband and I fly together without our child, and the plane crashes, she's an orphan. That's big on my list of not-to-dos.

Sure, our chances of dying in a car accident are far greater, blah, blah, blah. But I hate flying. It scares me. And the recent plane crashes in India and Libya and Afghanistan rocked me to the core.

I know of at least one couple who never flies together to avoid orphaning their three children in the event of a crash. My husband and I don't have any trips sans the kid planned in the near future, but it's something I'm thinking about. If we do go somewhere, I'm considering booking us on separate flights.

Do you and your partner fly together without the kids?

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