Stuff My Kid Ruined: The Must-See Site for Toddler Moms

spilled water toddler mess
Flickr photo by //amy//
Toddlers get into all kinds of things, and mine is no exception. She's broken some irreplaceable things: A beloved platter my mother brought me from Spain, a Wise Man from a nativity I got in Vietnam, and one of my favorite one-of-a-kind necklaces. That list isn't comprehensive by any means, and I expect it will only get longer as these toddler years go by.

I get bummed out, of course, but I don't hold any of it against my daughter -- after all, a few of these things could have been avoided had I been watching her during that oh-so-important second.

One brilliant mom, who has suffered countless "losses" at the hands of her very active toddler, decided to create a photo website about it.


Julie Haas Brophy, a New York mom to two toddler boys, started the site Shit My Kids Ruined a few months ago, after her 2-year-old son pried off the top of a can of glossy black paint, then dumped it onto her dining room rug. Yikes!

Once Brophy "resumed normal breathing," she took a picture, which she posted on her Facebook page. The next day she started the site, where she encourages other parents to submit photos of what their kids have ruined -- Silly Putty in the remote, projectile poop on daddy's sweatshirt, a plastic container cooked in the toaster oven, a self-given "haircut" the day before Easter, you get the idea. 

Go visit the site and take a look at the photos. You'll laugh, you'll cry ... maybe you'll even share.

What stuff has your toddler ruined?

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