Toddler Talk: Clara, 2, on Earth Day

girl river
Clara, 2
Every week at Toddler Talk, we'll interview a tot on topics of interest to kids (and adults) everywhere. This week, 2-year-old Clara answers some questions about Earth Day.


What is the Earth?



What is the shape of the Earth?

It's a circle!


How do you take care of the Earth?

Clara loves it.


What kinds of things do you see on the Earth?

Seashells and starfish.


Do you like the beach?

I like Ti-hee.


Who is Ti-hee?

A doggie. From the beach. I love him.

That's so sweet. Are you going to celebrate Earth Day?



How will you celebrate?

I need balloons ... and i-cones ... and cake ... and candy!


What will you wear on Earth Day?

I will wear a kitty costume and some kitty ears.


What do you think of SUVs?

[chants] SUVs hurt the trees! SUVs hurt the trees!


Can I come to your Earth Day party?



Happy Earth Day!


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