Grocery Store Car Carts: World’s Worst Invention

Photo by AshBayGrammy
The other day, a friend's Facebook status left me shouting, "Amen!" and nodding my head so hard I may have sprained something in my neck.

Her post: "Car carts are the worst invention ever." 

Kids love them, but I swear these souped-up grocery carts were designed to drive mothers stark raving mad.

They weigh like 9,000 pounds, I can barely see over or around them, and I'm sure that turning an 18-wheeler would be a breeze compared to turning one of them. I hit (or nearly hit) at least three people and a smattering of displays each time we're "lucky" enough to score one of the coveted carts.


Besides the inconvenience, there's the even bigger germ factor. While all grocery carts harbor germs, with regular carts, your odds are at least fair that a clean grownup who doesn't wipe their nose with their hand was the last person to touch it. But with a car cart, there's no hope -- it was definitely a child sitting there spinning that same pretend steering wheel that your child is now licking.

Each time, I SWEAR we'll NEVER use one again (and do some real swearing under my breath).

But when my son starts begging for a car cart, I cave. Because in theory, they're great -- a way to make a boring outing a little bit more fun for the children who are there and don't want to be. There's not much I won't do to avoid public tantrums and whining, so I try ... over and over again. I want to like them -- really I do -- but I loathe them.

I applaud grocery stores for trying to make shopping easier for parents, but the car carts are doing the opposite. They either need a major overhaul to a sleeker, more agile model, or they really should be banished.

And don't even get me started on the little miniature carts that children are supposed to push themselves ... why not just give them a baseball bat to swing as they stroll through the store?

How do you feel about car carts?

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