The Life of a Working Mom: Links I Love

working mom
Flickr photo by rankun76
The work life balance - does anyone have it figured out yet? It seems like moms in Britain might, but here in the U.S., things are a bit more complicated.

  • A study done in the United Kingdom found that the majority of mothers who work outside the home spend three hours doing household chores in the morning before they get to the office. Who are these women who iron and make beds in the wee morning hours? You're making me look bad. Even worse, the research showed that these super moms burn off 500 calories during each of their morning housework sessions, which means not only do they have clean houses, but they're skinny, too. Argh! -- Parent Dish UK
  • Thanks to flexible hours and telecommuting, parents are seeing their children more. Yet one writer asks if moms are really spending "together time" with their kids or if technology is distracting them from the family time they crave. Sure, you get the luxury of being home, but if you're always checking your e-mail or typing on your computer -- are you really "there"? How do you compartmentalize life and work?  -- Motherlode

  • Does being in daycare screw kids up? Some studies say yes; some say no.  Either way, it's what you do with your kid when you're with them that matters. -- Babble
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