Move over Baby Brain, I’ve Got Toddler Brain

Photo by Nicholeb211
Sure, I had baby brain -- I found frozen peas in my underwear drawer; I wore two completely different shoes for an entire day; and when pregnant with my daughter, I tried to drop my son off at the wrong summer camp.

Those hormones are strong and make us do some crazy stuff, but long after they have gone there's a more powerful force that can make one's brain even foggier -- the toddler.


How can one hope to have a clear head when there is a little one constantly on the move (even if she's not yet walking!), getting into everything? Trying to anticipate her next move and attempting to prevent it from resulting in injury takes about every ounce of my mental capacity. Not to mention remembering to restock the diaper bag, bring her sippy cup everywhere, pack snacks and a million other preparations and preventative measures.

Then there's the whining ... how can anyone possibly be expected to think when there's whining? Oh so much whining.

So when my husband called recently and asked why I had packed a pacifier in his lunch, well ... toddler brain. And when I drank decaf coffee for an entire week during which I could NOT figure out why I was so incredibly tired ... toddler brain. And when I wore my swimsuit backwards to the beach and almost took my son to school on a day when he didn't have school, well, there's just no other explanation.

I've never seen the condition confirmed by medical professionals, but I'm quite certain it must have reached pandemic proportions long ago.  

Do you have a case of toddler brain?

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