Toddler Talk: Sebastian, 3, On Being a Big Brother

Photo by ToddlerBrain82
Sebastian, right
Every week at Toddler Talk, we'll interview a tot on topics of interest to kids everywhere. This week, 3-year-old Sebastian answers some questions about the all-important job of being big brother to Corben, 1-month-old.


Did your mom have a girl or a boy baby?
A boy.

What is the baby like?
He's nice, and he eats vegetable nurse and meat nurse, and he likes looking at me playing Spore. And he likes looking at friends and being in his swing, and looking out the window.

What does the baby look like?
He is skin colored, not purple. And he has no teeth, just gums. He's not brown or green. And he has a butt, and a penis.

How old is the baby?

What kinds of things does the baby do?
Play with me. We play with baby toys, and with my teddy bear that has a scarf. He likes to nurse.

Do you like being a big brother?

What do you like about it?
Because I'm his big brother! I like helping Mama. I just like being a brother.

What do you think your job is as a big brother?
Feeding the fish, playing with my toys, and taking care of the baby.

When the baby grows up, what kinds of games do you want to play with him?
Just my big boy games I have. All my big boy games.

What advice do you have for other kids who are about to become big brothers or sisters?
I want to say, "Hello!"

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