Sibling Rivalry, "Cheating" Husbands, and Moms Who Say Bad Words: Links I Love

Photo by aidensmomma508
Family life -- the fights, the swearing, the cheating. It's wonderful isn't it?

It's tough on a tot when a new baby comes along. But sibling rivalry among toddlers is only the beginning. Oh goody! -- Parents Ask

This wife and mother knows how exactly how Sandra Bullock and Elin Nordegren Woods feel. Her husband's attention is always elsewhere -- he's got a Civil War fetish. -- Cool Mom

Would you feel guilty for saying the S word in front of your child? One mom blogger tells her son to shut up and her kid calls her on it. -- Motherlode

Are you sick of listening to your toddler whine? Try these tactics or just drink a glass of wine. -- Momlogic

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