Kids Are In Charge of Family Vacations

Photo by lucy.jospehsmom
Think you're the one planning that trip to Sesame Place? Guess again -- the experts say our kids are calling all the shots when it comes to vacation planning.

I'd love to cry righteous indignation for painting parents with a broad brush. But with a trip to Disney World with my toddler all mapped out, I'm going to cry uncle -- they got me.


Peter Yesawich, CEO of Ypartnership, a travel marketing company, told the National Post that working parents feel guilty -- and we make up for it by cashing in on kiddie-themed cruises and trips to the bug factory on their beach vacation.

I'll cop to the fact that marketing has played a role in our vacations. The siren song of Disney has been singing since she came out of the womb.

But as a parent, I can't write this all off as guilt. It's about being a family when we're on vacation. We could go do something we want to do while she sits there bored to tears, or we could find a way to give her a fun few days . . . and bask in the radiance of our daughter's huge smile.

Isn't part of being a parent realizing that you don't fit them into your life, you fit your life into theirs? We don't have to give up anything that makes us happy -- hence a side trip to Savannah in our plans -- but we have to be realistic about taking a 3-year-old on a trip to see Aztec ruins or Civil War battlefields.

Do your kids rule the roost when it comes to vacations?

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