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    If you thought Shakira looked amazing in the new music video she shot with Rihanna for "Can't Remember to Forget You," you ain't seen nothin' yet! The Colombian pop star-turned-Voice coach was filming the video for her new song "Empire" the other day and took to Instagram to share a sneak peek at her wardrobe.

    And if we didn't know better, we'd think she had run off to say "I do" to boyfriend and baby daddy Gerard Pique! Yep, Shakira's gone full-on bridal!

    Check it out ...

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    Celebrities wearing edible items as clothing aren't anything new. Katy Perry was swanned about in her fair share of cotton candy and whipped cream and cupcakes. Lady Gaga took a more savory approach with her favorite meat dress. But you don't really think of A-List actresses when you think of this kooky fashion trend. At least, not until now. Jennifer Connelly changed that notion with her latest look.

    Connelly wowed on the red carpet for the premiere of Darren Aronofsky's flick Noah. She was certainly turning heads, just probably not solely because of her impeccable skin and captivating gaze. Jennifer was wearing a fitted, white gown by Givenchy as she greeted fans and press. But it was the details on this high-fashion, high-concept gown that really kept people staring.

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    Well? After Miley Cyrus forgot to get dressed during a recent concert, it's obvious that she's paying a lot more attention to making sure her body is adequately covered up going forward.

    Seriously -- she must be trying to reinvent her image, y'all, because she really went the conservative route in a new poolside bikini photo she posted to Instagram.

    No, I'm not kidding. Check out Miley's latest getup, which doesn't show her private parts, like, at all.

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    During awards season, Lupita Nyong'o admitted that one of the secrets to her gorgeous (gorgeous) skin is avocado oil. The actress says she likes to keep things "simple, natural, and straightforward," so she doesn't mess with too many products.

    Of course, after hearing that Lupita uses avocado oil to get her glowing complexion, I immediately headed to the Google machine to see what it does exactly. Because let's be honest here, when Lupita is going to share beauty advice, we all ought to listen.

    Here are some of the (pretty amazing) benefits of avocado oil, and how you can use it on your skin. My guess? It's only a matter of time before this is the new coconut oil.

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    Walking down the street in SoHo NYC yesterday, I spotted a gorgeous floral dress in a shop window. My frozen little heart leaped at the sight ... because it means winter really is coming to an end! Of course, it being SoHo, that particular frock cost a million dollars (or it might as well have; I didn't go in to inquire!). But no worries! There are PLENTY of pretty, sexy, and flattering spring dresses out there that "we the people" can actually afford.

    Here are some of my favorites ... happy almost-spring!

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    Like shoes and tubes of lipstick, you can never have enough pairs of jeans in your closet. Multiply this rule by a thousand if you're a mom because we desperately need quick, fuss-free dress options that are sturdy enough to hold up after a day of chasing our toddlers, but fashionable enough to look great when we finally venture out of the house for a much-needed cocktail.

    But with so many styles of denim out there, it can become easy to get sucked into the vortex of super-trendy, over-the-top, or plain old unflattering jean items that no mom actually needs in her closet. Over the years, I'll admit I've accumulated more pairs of skinny, lime-green jeans with zippers in places zippers aren't needed than I care to admit. The moment I rid myself of these pieces, the better I felt!

    Here are 3 kinds of jeans you absolutely need in your closet in order to look your best and 3 you can toss right in the trash.

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    Every time Lena Dunham makes the cover of a magazine, it's a major topic of conversation, because, well, she's Lena Dunham, and her M.O. is getting us talking. But this time, it's not so much Lena herself or even her much-ballyhooed body raising eyebrows. Instead, it's her ink. Yup, on the April cover of Glamour, which hits newsstands on March 18, Lena Dunham is letting it all hang out -- and by it, I mean her body art.

    So? What's the big hairy deal, you ask? Well, if you hadn't noticed, similar to how they seem to feel about plus-sized women, women of color, or anyone who isn't picture perfect in the stereotypical rom-com or high-fashion way, women's magazines don't tend to be down with tattooed ladies. 

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    It's time for day two of our week-long birthday giveaway extravaganza! Today, our mission is to keep you fashionable (not that our readers need any help in that department) with some colorful and trendy shoes. Four lucky readers will win a pair of Chaste Ballet Flats from Hush Puppies to perfectly complement their spring wardrobes.

    They come in 25 colors, like the yellow, pink pearl, seafoam green, white, and royal blue you see above, and are perfect dancing shoes. This is our birthday celebration, after all. And that means plenty of dancing.

    To enter for a chance to win one of the four pairs of Chaste ballet flats from Hush Puppies, simply tell me:

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    She's finally reached her goal weight after shedding every last pound she gained while pregnant with baby Ace, and no one can argue that Jessica Simpson looks beyond amazing.

    She's toned, fit, and just as gorgeous as ever -- which is why it seems strange for her to want to do anything to change up her beautiful face.

    This photo of her and Eric Johnson was taken back in January. Doesn't she look so fresh and natural?

    Fast forward to last weekend, when she shared a new picture on Instagram taken at a friend's baby shower. Can someone please tell me why Jessica's lips look so different?!?

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    Miley Cyrus isn't known for her demure sense of style. She's not really known for her demure sense of, well, anything really. In fact, she's known for quite the opposite, frequently donning latex unitards and other attire intending to shock and awe. The costumes she's been wearing while on tour to promote her album Bangerz have certainly been no exception.

    For the song "23," Miley typically takes the stage wearing basically just a bra and underwear but paired with some bright chaps. Because of course she does. However, during a recent performance, even the chaps were too much for her to manage during a quick change, and Miley took to the stage in just her black and red striped bra and panties. Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior.

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