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    Here's some shocking news ... swimsuit shopping can actually be lots of fun. You just need to know which styles of swimsuits to look out for. Some styles are universally flattering (can you say ruching?), while others highlight your best assets. It's all about finding what looks best on you!

    At The Prowl, we rounded up swimsuits that are designed to flatter your figure without forcing you to cover up. Take a look at this preview of slimming swimwear and get ready for lounging poolside this summer.

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    Eczema flare-ups mean you can't do a lot of things. Among them: you should avoid acidic foods, sweating, and itching. Especially the itching.

    But while there might be plenty of restrictions, there are also plenty of things that you should do. Case in point: You CAN be stylish even when you are going through an uncomfortable flare-up. Here's how.

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    It's been a long, hard winter of crop tops. Judging by Spring's 2014 runway shows, I regret to inform you that the 90s throwback piece isn't going away quite so soon. The good news is that many new trends will be heading our way and a great deal of them are exciting and totally wearable.

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    Jorge Cortell is the CEO of a health-care software company called Kanteron Systems. I'm going to guess he's a pretty intelligent guy and, like most of us, shouldn't be slammed for making what are more often than not false prejudgments of people based on what they're wearing. I hate to tell you how often I've done this -- in my head, of course, where all stupid and wrong judgments belong

    But when you're a grown man who is respected in your field and you attend a meeting with other like-minded professionals, and you decide to pull out a camera at this meeting, snap a creepy photo of a woman's high heels, and post it to your public Twitter account along with a nasty message that implies she doesn't belong at the conference because she can't have a brain if she's wearing're on your own, buddy. 

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    If you attended private school, you will forever associate pleats with short tartan skirts that made your bare legs itch like crazy once spring hit. It took a very long time for me to shake this memory and begin incorporating pleats into my adult wardrobe, but once I did, I found they can look magical!

    If you're on the fence about trying this super fall trend -- which has popped up on major runways the last few seasons and still proved a hit this fall at Jason Wu, Chloe, and Stella McCartney -- here are a few hints on how to wear pleats and not look like a pig-tailed schoolgirl, along with fashion inspiration. 

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    If you're like me, you squeal at your first late-summer pumpkin latte sighting. You spot a brown leaf on the ground and rush home to pack away your spaghetti-strap tanks. But we all know we don't wake up in September suddenly confronting cold temperatures and the opportunity to snuggle by a fire wearing our chunkiest ski sweater. We need good, basic transition pieces that won't break the bank and that will help ease our summer wardrobes into fall. 

    Before you start applying for new credit cards, restrain your desire to shop until you drop: you really only need five items to make your wardrobe autumn-ready. 

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    I am a shoe person. Really -- aren't all women? I love shopping for everything from my everyday kicks to my dress sandals to my wedged heels. Actually -- shoes are really the only thing I truly enjoy shopping for since I have a love/hate relationship with clothing. So when I recently heard a fellow mom raving about a pair of shoes that she "lives" in -- I had to check them out.

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    It was with great amusement that I read Rihanna's latest River Island clothing line was designed with her own "fat days" in mind. Hahahahahahaha! Only she (at a size 6) would consider a collection that includes hot pants and fishnets "fat day" wear. (Oh to be 20-something with a body like hers!) But it did get me thinking about how universal that feeling is. No matter what size you are, or what kind of shape you're in, some days you feel pretty and slim and others ... not so much.

    You know what "fat days" are, I'm sure ... those days when you feel extra frumpy and unlovely and bloated, whether it's because it's that special time of the month, or you've missed the gym (like say for the last four months), or you just overdid it all weekend. Lately, I've been feeling that way more days than not. But there are ways to pull yourself out of a fat-day slump. Here are my tricks and tips.

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    Just when I thought I couldn't possibly feel any frumpier today, I came across this photo of Bachelorette Emily Maynard in leather pants -- and now I want to go hide from the world and wallow in the misery that is my style for a bit. She was spotted in the outfit while exiting Starbucks, and if I didn't know any better, I'd assume she was a reality TV star. (Wait, what?)

    OMG. Is there anything she can't pull off wearing? From short dresses to skinny jeans to skin-tight leather pants -- Emily looks great in everything. (And I'd probably hate her for it if she wasn't so darn sweet.)

    How many other moms do you know who can get away with wearing leather and still come out looking polished, put together, and sophisticated?

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    There are not a lot of things that can make me feel as instantly sexy as strapping on a pair of heels. It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing -- jeans, a cute skirt, a business suit -- the shoes always take the outfit up a notch and give me that extra bit of confidence in my appearance.

    Wearing heels makes me feel like a girl, and I like that feminine feeling. There’s just an extra little swing in my stride when I take a stroll in stilettos. Every step is purposeful, because let’s face it: When you’re walking in heels, there’s always a tiny part in the back of your brain that repeats “don’t trip, don’t trip” continuously.

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