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    No matter how liberal or uptight you are about nudity, you've gotta agree: The Colombia women's cycling team uniform, also referred to as a "kit," is a total jaw-dropper! 

    The IDRD-Bogota Humana-San Mateo-Solgar cyclists made international headlines this weekend for appearing at a race in Tuscany, Italy in the uniform, which features skin-colored lycra around the waist, hips, and between the legs. And due to some unfortunate lighting in one of the team photos, it looks like the uniform only covers part of their thighs and torso -- and we're staring right at their naked ladyparts! Agh!

    Take a peek for yourself.

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    Poor Ariana Grande. As talented a singer as she is and as much as she held her own while performing her hit "Break Free" at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, neither she nor Jessie J could possibly keep up with the force of nature that is Nicki Minaj.

    Especially a Nicki Minaj who is practically falling out of her clothing on stage.

    The "Anaconda" singer can't be blamed for her near-wardrobe malfunction. She had to do one heck of a quick change after shimmying and twerking around stage in a skin-tight, jungle-green, two-piece costume during her controversial song. She then attempted to jump into a mini black dress to join her partners in crime for "Bang Bang." And that's when everything went south, south.

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    Y'all, this is unacceptable. At a fashion show this weekend, LeAnn Rimes got something on the back of her white dress. She probably just sat on a spilled drink. But naturally, because of its location, everyone's all, "uh oh, that time of the month for you, LeAnn?" And, well, unfortunately you probably could make a case for that. But honestly, I don't care what that stuff on Rimes' dress is. Here's a much more important question we should be asking.

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    The radiant Jennifer Aniston was on the red carpet last night supporting her fiance, Justin Theroux, for the premiere of his HBO series, The Leftovers. It's been months since we last saw Ms. Aniston out and about, and she was worth the wait, with her black silk blouse unbuttoned down to -- hey wait a minute! What's this we see peeking out from that blouse? Why Jennifer Aniston, we thought you were above those "accidentally on purpose" wardrobe malfunctions! No?

    Oh she looks all buttoned up here, but take a look at the next photo. Looks like Jen's blouse is hiding a very sexy secret!

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    It's every star's worst nightmare -- the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. With their skimpy couture, they are at risk when making almost any move. The latest victim? Idina Menzel, who had an embarrassing boob mishap while performing at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Her reaction was priceless -- unlike any other! Take a look.

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    Oh man, shield your eyes. *Gasp* Lea Michele! Her latest wardrobe malfunction captured when she was hanging out at the FOX upfronts this week? It was bound to happen. I get that she wants to show off her amazing little figure (I would too), but when you wear a dress that is more of just "an idea" of a dress it only goes to follow that all your bits and bobs are going to come out to play. Luckily for Lea, this time it was just her bits. 

    The Glee starlet was wearing a very short and very low-cut dress as she trotted out to celebrate her network and her show. It wasn't a dress that allowed for a bra. I mean, duh. Look at it! You can basically see her belly button. And while there is zero shame in that game, you can't be too shocked if you're Lea and one of your nipples decides to take some air. And that's exactly what happened. 

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    Kendall Jenner is definitely not one for holding back when it comes to taking fashion chances or to baring her totally hot bod, but her latest stunt combing both may have taken things a bit far.

    While preparing for big sister Kim Kardashian's wedding in France on Thursday, the teenager posted a very revealing pic to Instagram. In it, she's lounging and playing with her phone in what appears to be some sort of black party dress with extreme cut-outs. You know, because that's appropriate for an 18-year-old. Just to prove she's doing the whole thing on purpose, she captioned the photo, "a little side boob never hurt nobody."

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    When it comes to wardrobe malfunctions, there are those that are slightly embarrassing, those that are downright hilarious, and then there are those mishaps that are so damn humiliating, it almost seems forbidden to even speak of them.

    Like Khloe Kardashian's camel toe, for instance. (It's ok to go ahead and cringe a little before reading on. Totally understandable.)

    OMG. The poor thing. Unfortunately the paparazzi happened to capture a shot of her at exactly the wrong angle while she was jetting out of LAX with Kim Kardashian -- and now exactly everyone knows that her choice of jeans for flying were just a little bit too tight.

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    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were out partying with practically every other celebrity on the planet in New York City on Monday night for the 2014 Met Gala. It's like, totally the premiere fashion event of the year, put together by none other than the couple's good friend Anna Wintour, the Queen Bee Editor-in-Chief of Vogue.

    Kim looked amazing (as always) in a deep blue Lanvin gown, who, by the way, is one of the rumored designers of one of her wedding dresses for her upcoming nuptials. One of the features of the custom gown was an up-to-there slit, ostensibly to show off her gorgeous gams, but I think she may have shown a little more than she intended when she accidentally flashed her panties to the crowd.

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    What would Demi Moore and Bruce Willis think? Their eldest daughter stepped out the other night in one of those cut-out dresses we're still seeing everywhere. She was sizzling! And then she turned to the side, and America went on OMG Rumer Willis Wardrobe Malfunction! Alert, code orange. Through the yawning gape of her hip-level cut-out, we got the perfect view of Rumer's hot pink panties. What on Earth was that girl thinking?!? Oh -- probably something along the lines of "everyone is going to love seeing my hot pink panties."

    Should we even call them "wardrobe malfunctions" anymore? Given how deliberate they all seem lately, especially the less scandalous ones, I think we should come up with some new terms. How about "accidentally-on-purpose underwear flashing." Are cute undies the new must-see accessory? Take a look and see what you think.

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