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    Mom Vicki described this room for little Leif as "a happy hodge-podge of new and old." The family moved from an ultra-modern condo into their current 100+-year-old cottage and met the challenge of merging modern tastes with their new surroundings. They've turned it into a comfortable space packed full of treasures both new and old. Click through to see a bit more below!

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    Not too long ago, I turned 40...

    I was telling a friend that I'd be willing to trade in my Gen X status for that of a 30-year-old hipster who wears black-rimmed glasses (for statement, not vision, purposes). Then, I'd never have to admit that I spent the Saturday nights of my childhood hoping beyond hope that Charo would be the surprise guest on The Love Boat or that somehow, Shari and Lambchop would find themselves in an eerie episode of Fantasy Island where Shari was the puppet. (What, I'm the only one who wished for that story line? I think not.)

    No, I wouldn't know a lot of things like, the pain of seeing Chachi marry Joanie or the name of my first Cabbage Patch Kid or the "awesome" effects of Sun-In, had I not been a poster child for Generation X. Things like this:

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    When it comes to engagement rings, some women are unwilling to deviate from classic, solitaire diamonds; others are totally open to the idea of rocking a non-traditional ring that speaks to them for one reason or another -- even if that reason is they really love Disney movies.

    If you're a huge fan of the film Frozen -- and I've yet to find one person who isn't -- you can now commit to your honey with the help of an engagement ring inspired by Elsa, the Snow Queen of Arendelle, or Princess Anna. An online jewelry site called Gemvara probably figured it would be a pretty cool, not to mention timely, idea to feature items like its Elsa-ish Snowflake ring, which contains a pretty aquamarine, and the more funky Flamenco Ring, which you could easily picture on the finger of Princess Anna.

    If rings inspired by pop culture or trends are your thing, there are quite a few at your fingertips (ha, ha). Here are 7 of the most interesting ones out there.

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    Whenever I see a room with a bounty of thrift store and vintage finds, I cheer that someone lucked out at a tag sale or on Craig's List! And then they go and put it all together beautifully! Take this little girl's bedroom done by Abbey for her daughter (nicknamed Kicky), for example. It looks like it was supposed to be that way all along. You'll want to see more of this homey space, so be sure to scroll through below!

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    My husband hates the way I dress. What I mean to say is, he likes how I dress after all is said and done. But he hates the process and double-hates the fact that he always feels he needs to change out of his jeans and hooded sweatshirt after I've emerged from our bedroom wearing a pencil skirt and heels to go to dinner at a friend's house. I'm the one at the party who is usually a little more dressed up than everyone else. I consider it blasphemy to wear jeans to a funeral or wake and have owned the same pair of sneakers for seven years -- they're still spotless. My husband jokes and says every day is like prom for me. Maybe. But prom sure beats the grocery store, doesn't it? 

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    Bright green walls aren't your typical baby room decor, so it's a good thing this nursery is anything but typical! See more photos from the eclectic space below: 

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    Fashion is a fickle beast. The plaid skirts we loved in days gone by are quickly put aside in favor of the plaid flannel shirts we all must have today. There are some trends whose deaths break our little heart into a million pieces -- I'm still waiting for jumpsuits to REALLY come back.

    Sure, we've all got the odd vest or pair of espadrilles hanging out in the hopes that they'll come back in vogue. Then there are those trends we could not get rid of fast enough. You know the ones I mean. I'm talking about the trends so god-awful that you couldn't even con YOURSELF into keeping them hanging out in your closet "just in case."

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    What is it about these stylish Scandinavian nurseries? There must be something fabulous in the water over there because I  find myself drawn to every single one I see! Mom, Kristen, put this one together for her little girl and it's easy to spot her graphic design background at play in this space. 

    See more below!

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    This nursery is heavy on antiques and thrifted finds, and moderated with a few carefully selected new items as well. Not a lot about this room screams "baby", and I can sure appreciate the eclectic departure from more traditional styles and trends. Click through to see all the details below!

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    I am one who appreciates that fine line between comfort and style and loves it most when the two are blurred together, as in the case of this gorgeous nursery for baby Henry. It's about as pulled together and perfect as a nursery could be, just right for baby. And yet, I can't help but want to sit myself down in the corner and keep this room for myself, because it looks so plush and sophisticated! 

    See more photos and details from this lush space below:

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