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    Here's some shocking news ... swimsuit shopping can actually be lots of fun. You just need to know which styles of swimsuits to look out for. Some styles are universally flattering (can you say ruching?), while others highlight your best assets. It's all about finding what looks best on you!

    At The Prowl, we rounded up swimsuits that are designed to flatter your figure without forcing you to cover up. Take a look at this preview of slimming swimwear and get ready for lounging poolside this summer.

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    I cut my shoulder-length hair into a pixie cut about a year ago. It was the scariest change I'd ever made to my hair. While many hairstylists had refused to do the cut, part of me was sure, no matter what their reservations, that I was meant to have very short hair. When I did find a guy willing to make the big chop, it was a revelatory experience. Without my long hair, I had one less thing to hide behind -- not counting my giant glasses. 

    Having short hair is something everyone should try at least once. Because, and here's the beauty of our follicles, most of the time, your hair will grow back. The only bummer of going short? Learning how to style your new 'do. You'd think less hair = less styling woes. Eventually that's true, but at the start, there's a definite learning curve. 

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    I Wore a Duct Tape Outfit (VIDEO)

    posted by Lindsay Ferrier January 8, 2013 at 12:48 PM in Beauty & Style
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    Duct tape is good for just about anything, from a fixing a leaking pipe to holding up your boobs in a backless dress to ... clothing!

    That's right, folks. In the latest episode of "I'll Take That Dare," I partnered with BFFs Leah and Mary from Fabulous on a Budget to create duct tape outfits, which we then wore out to an EXTREMELY fashion conscious location, The Grove, in LA.

    How did our radical new fashions go over? Check out the video and see for yourself ... after the jump!

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    You would think the self-confidence came before the pink hair dye. But it's been the opposite. Before I went Katy Perry pink, I was having the kind of summer that makes me dread what used to be my favorite season.

    My thighs are feeling especially cottage cheesy in my shorts. My forehead especially acne-ridden from the sweat. Do I really need to keep going here? Basically I felt like everywhere I went, there was an announcer with a bullhorn yelling, "Come one, come all to gawk at the woman who desperately needs to hit the gym and get fit!" And in the middle of all of it, I decided to add pink hair dye so my head would scream "look at me, look at me!"

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    Have you ever gazed upon the resplendent beauty of the Kardashian sisters and wondered how their look could become yours? Wouldn't you love for someone to give you a Kardashianover?

    I think that's a maybe-sure-dunno-I'm-scared?!?

    If you ask me, the Kardashian sisters are all natural beauties ... who are drowning in too much makeup and jewelry. But I still think it would be fun to be a Kardashian just for a day. Blogger Sara Benincasa did just that on xoJane: She transformed herself from a makeup-free tomboy into a full-on Kardashian! Find out what it took and the shocking realization Sara reached when it was all over.

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    Did you ever see one of those moms walking around with her daughter in matching "mommy and me" outfits and cringe? OK, maybe not cringe. Point and laugh behind their backs, maybe?

    I did too. Until it was me. Yes. I went out in public wearing clothes that matched my daughter's, and I managed not to look like a complete idiot.

    So how did I do it?

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  • I Was a Harajuku Girl (VIDEO)

    posted by Lindsay Ferrier March 9, 2012 at 11:16 AM in Beauty & Style
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    Gwen Stefani is responsible for making the word "Harajuku" recognizable to millions of Americans.

    She's obsessed with Harajuku style, named for a trendy shopping district in Tokyo where young people gather dressed in all sorts of brightly colored, whimsical clothing and accessories.

    Beyond Stefani, the look has also caught the attention of more than one major label designer -- but how will a style that works on the streets of Tokyo play out on the main street of a small American town?

    I put this look to the test for the season finale of "I'll Take That Dare!" Click through to see what happened ....

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    It wasn't enough to dress like Ke$ha and head downtown on a Friday night to see what people thought about the look.

    Oh no.

    For this week's episode of "I'll Take That Dare," I wore the infamous Forever Lazy onesie. In public.

    Check out the HILARIOUS reactions after the jump!

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    I consider myself pretty brave as far as married women go. I'm secure enough in my powerful lady status to let my husband grab things off tall shelves and assist me in shoveling snow off our driveway. And yes, I'll admit it, I've even let the man get his fingers on a particularly painful zit (sorry, I'm a popper). But one woman has gone where womankind has never gone before ... she let her husband do her makeup.

    And I thought I was brave? I have nothing on Rosie and the video that is bound to leave you both in stitches (because this couple is that adorable) and fearing for your skin (and your eyes, and ... well, you get the picture).

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    Loyal She's Still Got It readers probably remember 'Style Dare.'

    Initially written as a column for a local women's magazine, I tested out some of the craziest fashion/beauty ideas and trends on the market.

    One time, I wore one of these 'Backtaculars' (pictured at your left) to a local bar -- with hilarious results. Another time, I wore a Snuggie to lunch and took photos that ended up on the Today show!

    But as fun as the Style Dares were to conduct, I always thought they would be far better in video format.

    Well now, CafeMom is granting me my wish! Style Dare will soon be a CafeMom-produced video series!

    And you get to help me decide which dare to take next!

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