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    My beauty regime is pretty tame -- it includes soap, moisturizing lotion, and the occasional facial scrub. It does NOT include venom, blood, or skin-eating fish. But those are things that some on a quest for beauty will use when trying to get a silkier, smoother, more youthful complexion.

    Here are 8 of the most bizarre beauty treatments you can get ... if you're brave enough!

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    I’ve been obsessed with skin laser treatments since I first read about them a few years ago in Vogue. I always assumed the treatments would be out of my price range and, I'm right -- most are. But laser genesis is different. The procedure, which takes just 30 minutes, is only relatively uncomfortable, and basically zaps redness from your skin, cost me $150. Still a crazy amount to spend? Perhaps. But if it allows me to purchase fewer skin care products and cosmetics, I consider it a steal.

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    The next best thing to winning an Academy Award is losing one. Not because it's just an honor to be nominated -- never mind all that gibberish -- but because those celebs left in the dust STILL get to take home $80,000 in gifts this year! Can you imagine? You can buy a three-bedroom house in some places for that amount of money. The 2014 Oscar gift bags are an upgrade from last year's swag, which wasn't too shabby and included $45,000 worth of amazing consolation prizes, including a trip to Australia and Kim Kardashian's favorite $5,000 "Vampire Facelift."

    From vaginal rejuvenation treatments (no joke!) to a trek through the Rocky Mountains and all the maple syrup a person can consume in one lifetime, here's a look at what will be inside this year's "Everyone Wins at the Oscars" gift bag.

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    The following is a post from our sponsor, Spa Week.

    It’s easy to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day—with the gift of spa on sale!

    Just when you thought gift giving season was over -- Valentine's Day sneaks up on you! After the stress of finding perfect presents for your loved ones over the holiday season, Valentine’s Day can be extra difficult. Nevertheless, you have to show your nearest and dearest how much you care!

    Don’t be fooled by the pop-up ads selling chocolate and lingerie. We know what everyone really wants -- the gift of spa! Not to worry if your wallet is still recovering from December -- until February 17th, Spa & Wellness Gift Cards by Spa Week are 15% off, plus free shipping and a free gift box.

    All month long spas will be offering especially indulgent, romantic services. Treat your sweetheart with one of these:

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    No matter where you live or who you are, if you're a woman, chances are you're a tired womanWith so much to think about -- kids, home life, work, investments, love life -- it doesn't often feel like we get a whole lot of time to think of ourselves, or even better, to pamper our weary bones. 

    Who can blame us? Most beauty treatments are totally expensive and there's very little point shelling out lots of money to look better if we're just going to feel guilty afterwards for spending an arm and a leg. But, if you ever find yourself with an extra $25 to squander and a little bit of well-earned free time, you may want to consider one of these 10 ways to easily -- and affordably -- get yourself looking even more gorgeous. 

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    I'm usually really good with money. Pinky swear. I budget down to the last dime and, when it comes to beauty products, rather than spend lots on designer creams, I make my own moisturizers with olive oil and amazing masks with oatmeal and baking soda. But lord knows I'm no financial hero because my latest beauty splurge is so good and SO, SO bad at the same time. 

    I am addicted to having my eyebrows shaped. And I don't mean waxed or threaded in a back room at my local nail salon because that would cost $11 and be way too practical. No, I'm talking about a $115 (!!), utterly insane splurge that my husband knows absolutely nothing about. Um, yet.

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    The following post is from our sponsor, Spa Week.

    Holiday shopping made easy with the Spa & Wellness Gift Card; it's the perfect way to treat everyone on your list!

    The holiday season is one of the most joyful -- but also stressful -- times of year, and for good reason. The pressure of finding the perfect gift for every single person on your list can be overwhelming! This holiday season, there’s no need to brave the cold and wait on crazy December department store lines. Instead, just sit back, relax, and say spa-aaahh. Spa & Wellness Gift Cards by Spa Week are on sale during the month of December to suit all of your holiday gifting needs. All month long, purchase a $100 card for just $79.99, and get 20% off all other denominations! A Spa & Wellness Gift Card is the perfect one size fits all gift -- sure to satisfy everyone on your list -- including these unlikely suspects:

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    When you're overtired and stressed and truly need a little rest and relaxation, there's really no better place to unwind and be pampered than at a luxurious spa. Restorative body treatments, soothing massages, and invigorating rain showers are pretty much the perfect way to recharge your battery and come out feeling new and refreshed.

    Of course, going to the spa can be a bit pricey, especially if you plan on spending the entire day there (or possibly even an overnight) and having more than one treatment done.

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    It happened a few years ago -- suddenly gluing things to your vaginal area became, like, a thing. I thought the trend wouldn't last, that it'd be a flash in the pan like those god-awful teeth grills, but here we are, many years later, and people are still talking about vajazzling. And not just people people, but famous people, too. Jennifer Love Hewitt, star of The Client List, told a reporter at the A&E upfronts last week that she vajazzled her hoohah for the special occasion.

    Apparently, a couture gown and a team of hair and makeup personnel aren't enough to make one feel their pertiest. To really feel your best, you need to affix glittery rhinestones to your pubic triangle.

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    The ad wizards over at Completely Bare, a waxing spa chain owned by former Real Housewives of New York star Cindy Barshop, have outdone themselves. The latest trend on their list of services is ... and here comes a phrase I never thought I'd write ... an enhancement of the vagina with fox fur. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we've put a man on the moon and now we're putting fox fur on our hoohas. What can I say? The future is here.

    These merkins, if you will, don't come cheap. At $225 a pop, you've got to be willing to fork over some serious cash if you want your kaslopis looking like it was just caught in a trap in the woods and is being pursued by beagles, basset hounds, and men on horses.

    Photos of the merkins after the jump.

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