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    When it comes to skincare, I have good intentions, but, well ... I'm kind of lazy. I mean, I'm sometimes lazy; other times just plain exhausted from my day. However, I'm not getting any younger, so I've been working to make sure I don't flake out too often on my skincare routine.

    Here are some of my tips and tricks for taking care of your skin without spending a lot of time and effort ... from one lazy girl to another!

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    I've got two tattoos. I got one when I was 18 and the other, two weeks ago, at age 30. A lot changed between the two inkings. For example, this go 'round I was much more concerned about how to keep my tattoo looking good and making sure it didn't get an infection or fade. The first time I basically ... did nothing! 

    I turned to the Internet for guidance on how best to heal my tattoo, and I got a load of conflicting advice. Luckily, a plucky girl reporter, it was within my power to solve this problem. I interviewed Toph McDermott, an insanely talented St. Louis-based tattoo artist, and picked his brain about tattoo myths, what to do right after you get a tattoo, and how to prepare before you walk in the shop door. 

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    So, you’ve been diagnosed with eczema. Bummer. But hey, there are a lot worse diagnoses out there. Eczema may be unsightly and uncomfortable; however, it is also treatable, non-life-threatening, and non-contagious, so you are golden. All you really need is a positive attitude and a solid skin care regimen.

    Here are a few skin care tips to keep you itch- and flare-up-free. Eczema may feel like a total nightmare at times, but hopefully a little regular love for your skin can go a long way.

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    I'm no skinflint when it comes to spending money on beauty and skin care products, and I've had more than a few facials in my time, but holy moly people! This latest celebrity facial craze is really beyond.

    Supermodel Bar Refaeli posted a photo of her face covered in gold goo to her Instagram account the other day. Guess what she was up to ... and how much it costs?

    Let's take a looksie, shall we?

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    Anyone who is eczema-prone knows one thing: the irritated and inflamed skin is painful. Keeping your skin moisturized is key, but moisture-rich facials and body scrubs are expensive.

    So to help you keep your skin as supple as possible, we've put together a healing and calming DIY facial mask that you can make from inexpensive items in your pantry.

    So grab the oatmeal, honey, and yogurt -- and get ready for some majorly relaxed skin.

    Here are the 4 easy steps you need for an amazing at-home facial:

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    My beauty regime is pretty tame -- it includes soap, moisturizing lotion, and the occasional facial scrub. It does NOT include venom, blood, or skin-eating fish. But those are things that some on a quest for beauty will use when trying to get a silkier, smoother, more youthful complexion.

    Here are 8 of the most bizarre beauty treatments you can get ... if you're brave enough!

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    This past winter really wreaked havoc on my skin (and my mind, but that's a topic for another day!). Between the frigid temperatures outdoors and the dry heat indoors, I feel like I've become part alligator! Now that it's officially spring, I'm all about treating my skin to a little pampering and rejuvenation. I think it's necessary not just for my looks, but for my sanity!

    These are some of the products I've been loving ...

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    Aside from the odd yoga class, I haven't seen very much of my bare toes in the last, oh ... six months. But boy oh boy am I looking forward to the end of winter and the onset of sandal season! However, thanks to the odd yoga class, I do know that my poor feet, stuffed into Uggs for the entire winter and basically ignored, are due for some tender TLC and pampering. Put it another way: I need to do a little groundwork before I sit myself in a pedicure chair. It's only decent.


    Image via oriam ziul/Flicker

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    I’ve been obsessed with skin laser treatments since I first read about them a few years ago in Vogue. I always assumed the treatments would be out of my price range and, I'm right -- most are. But laser genesis is different. The procedure, which takes just 30 minutes, is only relatively uncomfortable, and basically zaps redness from your skin, cost me $150. Still a crazy amount to spend? Perhaps. But if it allows me to purchase fewer skin care products and cosmetics, I consider it a steal.

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    You'd never know it looking out the windows, but spring is just around the corner. It's already March! But don't tell that to our cracked, dried out, and abused feet. In just a matter of months, we'll be breaking out our sandals and our flip-flops. After months of hiding away in boots and suffering the indignity of icy puddles, raw wind, and chafing, our feet are anything but ready for flaunting.

    One problem foot-area many of us share? Our heels. While the rest of our feet are easy to get back into shape with a little lotion and maybe a night or two in soothing socks and a visit to the pedicure place, our heels seem to be made of tougher stuff altogether. And that stuff is strangely reminiscent of an elephant's foot.

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