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    A 30-year-old mom was so unhappy with her "sagging" breasts that she took a big risk -- and is lucky to be alive today.

    Claire Hawker, a mother of two and a beauty therapist, says that her breasts began drooping after the birth of her first child, who is now 17. And, if that wasn't bad enough, she says she's had to deal with breasts that are uneven -- one is a size B cup and the other is a C cup.

    Like so many other women, she decided to take the plunge and get breast implants. But as a single mom, she didn't have big bucks to shell out on the procedure, so she got a "bargain boob job." Big mistake. Just days after she emerged from her cheap surgeon with G-cup breasts, they began to leak. Then, she says, they nearly exploded.

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    Oh boy, there's a new Human Barbie on the scene, and this one is even more extreme than Valeria Lukyanova's version. Introducing Lacey Wildd of Miami, Florida, a lovely 46-year-old mom of six. And don't be fooled by the double D in Lacey's last name. Thanks to 12 breast augmentation surgeries (and whatever Mother Nature gave her), she wears a size LLL bra. In addition to boob jobs, Wildd has had 24 other plastic surgeries and she says she's still not done. She wants to keep enlarging her boobs and booty. It will probably not surprise you to hear her motto is "plastic makes perfect."

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    A lot of women get breast implants and it's no big deal -- they simply want to feel better about their bodies and boost their cleavage. But Penny Brown had a major plan when she went from a 34H bra size to a 36O -- she was determined to turn herself into a human cartoon character. Brown, who is 25 and Australian but lives in Japan, has been obsessed with Jessica Rabbit, from the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, since she was 5. That is, coincidentally, the same age she says she decided she'd one day go under the knife to get bigger boobs.

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    When you first look at Xiahn Nishi, you see nothing out of the ordinary. He appears to be a particularly stylish young man from South Korea. Sure, he might have a sort of surgical veneer about him, but hey, what's wrong with a little nip or a little tuck? Then you learn he wasn't born 'Xiahn.' His birth name was, in fact, Max, and he's not from South Korea at all. 

    Nishi was actually born in Brazil and worked as a model for several years. But after visiting South Korea and falling in love with its culture, he made a decision. He wanted to transform his face, starting with his eyes. He approached a surgeon about injectables and other options to help achieve this look. It only took 10 surgeries (*so much sarcasm dripping from the word only*), but now Nishi has accomplished his goal: He looks like a local. 

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    Get ready to have your childhood hopes and dreams squashed, you guys. We've recently learned that the "Human Ken Doll," a.k.a. Justin Jedlica, will not only never, ever date the "Human Barbie" or agree to shack up in sin with her in the Barbie Dreamhouse, but he can't even stand to be in the same room with her!

    How can this be?! Surely, Justin and Valeria Lukyanova should have hit it off. After all, you'd assume Valeria, a 28-year-old model who has had an obscene number of surgical procedures in order to look like a real-life doll, has more in common with the super surgically-enhanced Ken Doll than most mere mortals.

    But you know what happens when you "ass-u-me," right? Turns out Justin is NOT a fan of the Human Barbie.

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    It's easy to look good when you're a teenager or in your 20s. Your metabolism is faster, you can get away with wearing ridiculous fashions and no one bats an eye, and -- the least fair fact of all -- you can stay up all night and somehow won't look like a ghoul the next day (what's that about anyway)?

    Most women accept that they have to work a little harder as they get older. And some are a lot like these 8 female celebrities -- they actually look even more gorgeous the older they get.

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    Do you have saggy boobs? Thinking about getting a boob job but worried that the surgery is too invasive for the sort of subtle result you want? Well have I got a deal for you! At this point you should be imagining me dressed as a 1930s-era professional huckster. There yet? Good. I hope you've fully visualized a jaunty moustache.

    The newest way to stack your rack is a surgical procedure called the internal bra. It's exactly what it sounds like. Two silicone cups are placed on your under-boob region by a plastic surgeon. They are kept in place by silk straps attached to your ribs by means of screws. So, you know, your average torture-yourself-for-beauty procedure, no big deal. Move along, nothing to see here, folks. I kid. IT'S A VERY BIG DEAL.

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    It seems like Botox is the new black, and we all know how trendy those Kardashian sisters are. Khloe Kardashian in particular is looking more and more like a different person with each day that passes. While I can't technically say that she's gotten any kind of plastic surgery, I can say ... what the hell is going on with her face?

    Kylie Jenner shared a photo of her drastically different-looking older sis, and it's got everyone all kinds of confused.

    Check out the shocking photo:

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    I've done my fair share of eye-rolling when I see moms with huge fake breasts. I mean, the risk of surgery alone would be enough to deter me from having an elective cosmetic operation, but I could also think of about 4,000 other things that would be more worthy of spending that kind of money on than new big boobs.

    And honestly, are those women really doing it for themselves like they say?

    But after four kids and the pregnancy weight gain and weight loss, I have to admit that I now understand why women do it.

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    It's been beyond obvious for years now that Kim Kardashian has had some sort of plastic surgery done to her face, but after seeing an old photo she shared on Instagram of how she used to look?

    Holy crap, people. It's like she's morphed into a totally different person or something.

    It's not clear what time period exactly this pic is from. Based on her caption, "Drink it up Khlo ..." and how young Rob Kardashian looks in the shot, I'd say it was taken well before anyone had any idea who in the heck Kim Kardashian is.

    Are you ready to meet the old Kim?

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