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    A man in Florida was arrested today after doing something truly evil. Larry Wallace has been accused of chaining his dog Hope inside a shed in his backyard and then setting that shed on fire. Hope survived the fire, which took place at the end of last month, but it hasn't been an easy battle. Wallace was initially released after Hope's horrific ordeal, but new undisclosed evidence has him back in jail.

    Poor little Hope has been undergoing intensive treatment to recover from the wounds that covered most of her body. Particularly gruesome was the damage done to Hope's eyes. Her corneas were badly damaged by the fire. Her medical caretakers worried that her eyes might literally rupture and put drops in them every six hours to save them. This is only one of the trials the pup has had to face.

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    You know that awesome thing toddlers do when they unroll an entire roll of toilet paper and then scamper off, leaving the bathroom in a snowdrift of TP? Wicked little trolls. Well, here's one thing cats have over toddlers -- or at least one cat does. You have to see this video. Yes, it's a cat video. I am pushing a cat video today! It's that kind of Thursday. But this one is worth it, I swear. I don't push just any kind of cat video on my readers. Check out what this cat named Willie does with a roll of toilet paper.

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    What do human and not-so-human babies have in common? They all hate bedtime! After all, there is so much to see and do and, if you are an adorable French bulldog puppy making the rounds today, sniff and yowl at, too. I dare you to watch this video and not coo at your screen at least once. This clip is proof that pet owners and parents have more in common than you might think! 

    Of course, we kind of already knew that, didn't we? After all, both puppies and babies require potty training. Both types of little ones are also always learning new kinds of tricks. They are both full of energy until they suddenly keel over, and every single tiny baby -- fluffy or not -- on the planet is cute enough that it's hard to resist the urge to squeeze them 24/7. 

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    This is why it pays to be a dog person. A 3-year-old mutt named Malaki, adopted from a local shelter by his owners, recently gave them back their lives in exchange for their simple act of kindness. While the couple slept, the usually silent dog began to whine and bark. When his owner got up to find the source of the commotion, he discovered that his entire living room was engulfed by flames.

    Malaki ushered the man and his wife to safety, but he didn't stop there. He tried to go back inside the burning house to save two puppies who sadly did not make it out of the blazing building in time. While their loss is tragic, the good deed Malaki did cannot be overlooked. It goes to show you that when it comes to your dogs, a little love and affection go a long way and could in fact save your life.

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    Those of us who are "dog people" know these incredible animals are priceless. Whether you adopt an adult mutt for less than the cost of a leash at an animal shelter or spend a good deal of money on a purebred pup, it's difficult to say one dog offers x amount more in your life than another dog.

    Until now.

    A property developer in China just shelled out the most money ever spent on a dog. The cost has to make you shake your head and wonder -- why?! True, he's a cutie, and certainly looks unique, but at a "luxury pet" fair, one Tibetan mastiff puppy was sold for a cool $2 million. Honestly, is there anything in the world that cute?

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    Imagine being a prisoner in your own home -- because your sweet kitty threatens to tear you to pieces if you so much as move an inch from your bedroom! Teresa Barker and partner Lee Palmer, along with their 7-month-old baby and family dog, were forced to take refuge in their bedroom and call the police to come to their rescue after their 22-pound cat went absolutely berserk on them. The Himalayan cat, whose name is Lux, scratched the baby on his forehead, which drove dad to give the feline a swift kick in the rear. Bad move. The cat then became so enraged, he began hissing and trying to attack other family members, driving them to take cover from their pet behind a closed door.

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    One young mother and her 4-year-old are despondent after losing their puppy. The real kicker? They know exactly who has the dog, who they named Rafiki, and there's no way they can get him back. The puppy in question escaped from the house, and while his owner looked for him frantically, he was put into a shelter and then taken in by another adoption agency who had already placed him (for a modest fee, of course) before, they claim, the dog could be returned.

    You'd think this would be a simple misunderstanding easy to rectify. You'd think wrong, I'm sorry to say. The animal rescue group in question is standing by their decision. They basically went ahead and implied in a letter they shared via Facebook that because the pet in question wasn't micro-chipped, his first owners have only themselves to blame. Whoa. That's way harsh, Tai.

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    The bonding that can occur between dog and baby is undeniable, and it isn't unheard of for the family pooch to try and protect the tiniest and most helpless members of their family from absolute evil. In this case, Satan has arrived in the form of a loud vacuum cleaner-looking apparatus that actually serves as a pet hair dryer. Despite this poodle's miniature size -- he is not much bigger than the baby, who appears to be a few months old -- the dog is guarding his little sister with his life. Prepare to die from too much cuteness at once.

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    How much do you love the Westminster Dog Show? All those perfect pooches, so elegantly coiffed and able to trot and impress on command -- it makes me want to run out and adopt 10 dogs right this minute. The two-day event wrapped up this week and the covetable title of Best in Show was bestowed upon a spunky Wire Fox Terrier named "Afterall Painting the Sky," or just simply "Sky." Alas, the competition was not without controversy. It seems Sky is of a breed that has won many a crown, while a crowd favorite named Nathan -- a Bloodhound -- is, how should I put this, less Lady Mary Crawley and more Charlie Carson. In other words, he didn't make the discerning judge's cut. 

    But, as far as we're concerned, all the dogs were winners -- so we'd like to take a minute and give a shout-out to the 28 pups who rose to the top as the leaders in their group. 

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    It's a beautiful day in your neighborhood. The sun is up, the coffee is brewing, everyone is getting ready to go to work or school. But before you go outside and embrace the new dawn, you must do one thing: Make sure that the 100 some odd chickens terrorizing your neighborhood are not in the immediate vicinity. No, my friends. This is not the plot of some Blob-esque B-movie. For residents of one small tiny Ohio town, this is real life.

    While the birds aren't exactly making threatening gestures with lead pipes or flicking cigarettes into flower-gardens (oh but how I wish they would), they are considered a menace by those living on the street where they've taken up residence all the same. On the one hand, it's hard not to feel sympathetic for the people.

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