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    For the most part, I've always been pretty conservative with my makeup, keeping it pretty simple (if any at all) during the day and then maybe jazzing it up with a little eye shadow in the evening.

    I know, crazy, right?

    Well, lately I've become addicted to YouTube make-up tutorials, which have really helped me take more risks with makeup. Not only are they cheap and easy, they can make you look so much more pulled together.

    If you've been remiss to go a little nuts with your makeup, here are 5 trends you should totally try.

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    The following is a post from our sponsor, Simple.

    With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I can’t help but think of all those moms out there who are living the mad life like me. Whether we’re juggling careers and kids or kids and carpools, most of us barely have time to think, let alone take care of ourselves. We constantly put ourselves after everyone else in the family, and though we don’t mind a bit, after a while, it takes its toll on our skin!

    I thought for sure by the time I was a mom, I wouldn’t have to worry about my face anymore. But the truth is, all that stress coupled with years of neglect have made my face more sensitive than it was when I was a teenager.

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    We've come a long way since the '80s, when contouring and highlighting your face usually meant you were left with a block of brown beneath your cheeks and stripey, shimmery, disco-ball powder on your cheekbones. Scary!

    Modern-day contouring is all about bringing out your best features and bone structure while looking like you're not wearing any makeup at all. If contouring intimidates you and you feel like you need a degree in art to make it work, you're not alone -- but you are wrong. The great news is that contouring is wildly popular this season. There's no lack of great tutorials out there to help guide us on our path to beauty perfection.

    More from The Stir: Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Is a Big Fan of Contouring

    So let's get started -- here are 6 tips for contouring and highlighting your face so that you look your absolute best!

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    Your classic cat's eye is gorgeous -- but if you're getting a little bored with the look and want to spice things up, you'll love what spring has in store for you. The next great eye makeup trend is graphic eyeliner, which you should think of as the cat eye's cooler, hipper cousin.

    Depending on how dramatic and bold you want to get, graphic eyeliner can make a real statement. Instead of placing one solid line along your upper eyelash and painting it thicker by the outer corners, you're free to allow your imagination to run wild when playing with graphic looks. From precise, thin lines that are applied to the crease to artful arrows that jut out from the eye's corner to thicker, squared-off "wings" worn with no mascara, anything goes with graphic eyeliner.

    Here are 4 great tutorials for 4 different graphic eyeliners looks to help you get started.

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    White eyeliner pencil is going to be absolutely HUGE this spring -- and for good reason. There is no cosmetic that can quickly turn tired, red peepers into super pretty ones like this miracle item. The problem most of us encounter when we attempt to make sense of white liner is that we use it like a straight-up black or brown eyeliner pencil, draw a hasty bright line over our eyelids, fail to incorporate it into the rest of our eye makeup, and call it a day. Not good! Think of white eyeliner as magic powder -- it needn't shout "white eyeliner!" to do its job.

    Here are 5 ways you can wear white eyeliner to make your eyes look their absolute most amazing.

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    On those days when I'm running a little late in the morning (read: hit the snooze button over and over and over), there's no time for an intricate full-face makeup sesh. Since I'd prefer not to scare the kind, unsuspecting people who'll cross my path, leaving home without some sort of makeup is NOT an option.

    The good news? With a few dabs of concealer and some swipes of mascara (plus a few other useful tricks), you can quickly avoid the "I just woke up" look and start rocking a naturally flawless glow.

    Check out this 2-minute face tutorial for more:

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    Halloween is less than a week away, and I'm still looking for the perfect Halloween costume! Thank goodness for Pinterest because I found that a little bit of makeup can go a long way. A lot of people are pulling out their eyeliner to turn themselves into pop-art-inspired comic book characters, and I decided I was ready for this challenge!

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    Betty's classic early '60s lookWithout a doubt, from The Walking Dead to Breaking Bad, there will be plenty of primetime show-inspired Halloween costumes out there this year. While I'm sure plenty of women will do their best imitations of Carrie from Homeland, True Blood's Sookie, or their favorite Downton Abbey heroine, there's no shame in sticking with tried, true, and beyond glam, aka ... Joan, Peggy, Betty, or Megan from Mad Men!

    With the right vintage outfit, earrings, and hairstyle, you could easily transform yourself into any of the AMC drama's leading ladies, but there is a key element you've gotta get down pat if you want the look to work: the makeup. Thankfully, Mad Men makeup artist Lana Horochowski offered some tips to ELLE recently on how to score the perfect '60s makeup to mimic your favorite Mad woman -- on Halloween or anytime!

    Check 'em out ...

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    I love makeup. Give me your glitter, give me your creams, pass any potion or tincture my way. Will it cover my blotches? Will it give me cheekbones for years? Will I be suddenly and supernaturally dewy of face? Bring it on. Makeup is funny and makeup is fun.

    While part of the allure of makeup is its transformative qualities, I've never been a fan of makeup looks that seeks to hide your real face. I roll my eyes every time someone refers to my face-meat as "a blank canvas." Uh, nope, sorry. My face is a vivid masterpiece, dude. If we must use a painting metaphor, let's call makeup what it is -- the frame.

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    Olivia Wilde is one funny, talented lady. If you haven't read her thoughts about aging, you really should check them out. She's into style and beauty, but she doesn't obsess about it. As a result, she always looks pulled together, carefree and sexy. Seriously, it would be almost unfair were she not also so awesome-seeming.

    Her recent appearance at the London premiere of her movie 'Rush' was no exception. While her jacket sans actual shirt look might be a bit too racy for most of us, her hair and makeup are the epitome of Fall 2013 style. Read on for tips to match her sultry, autumnal look. 

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