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    If I opened up my lingerie drawer right now you'd see eight to 10 nude and off-white bras and panties at the tippy top where I can easily reach for them at eight in the morning.

    Remove those items and just beneath you'll find, oh, about 30 bra and panty sets that rarely see the light of day. They are turquoise. Melon. Raspberry with white polka dots. One pair has glitter and tassels on it and no, not because I used to dance on a pole for money.

    My pre-mom lingerie features glitter that comes off in your hands and thin straps that take forever to tie and miniature bows -- oh, the bows. And let's not forget: far too many lumpy, lacey bras to count -- I'm sure you know the kind I mean -- the ones that look horrendous when worn under 90 percent of the shirts you own.

    Nude bras and panties are a MUST these days -- and it's about time companies get a better idea of what the word "nude" means.

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    Let's say you're cooking dinner for your husband or some friends, and the kitchen is in a room quite separate from the dining room. And let's say you have a series of mishaps, and you keep splashing food on your clothes. Oh dear ... what to do?

    Well, if you're Victoria's Secret model Lily Aldridge, you continue cooking in your underwear, naturally. That's what happens in the lingerie store's latest shoppable video ad.

    Aldridge is a good cook, but she's a total klutz in the kitchen, which is something I can relate to. Gazpacho flies everywhere, a goblet full of wine breaks on her, and she even spills oil on herself. Good thing she looks so amazing in her undies, because that's what she finally resorts to wearing as she finishes preparing her meal. Because don't we all make dinner in our skivvies?

    There's one thing about it I didn't expect, though.

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    Like beauty, "sexy" is in the eye of the beholder, right? And when it comes to lingerie, whatever you want to wear in the bedroom to get your engines revving is totally your business. But sometimes we come across lingerie that we assume is meant to be sexy, but seems oddly...funny, instead. Sure, the couple that laughs together stays together, but we're gonna bet most women don't want to put their partners in stitches because of something they wear to bed.

    We found 10 lingerie sets that we think are intended to be sexy, but might just make you laugh out loud instead.

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    Brides want to look their absolute best on their wedding day. Many shop for months in search of the perfect gown -- the one guests will rave about and remember forever.

    You could say these 8 overly sexy wedding dresses will definitely get people talking, though what they say may not be exactly flattering. Some brides-to-be are dead set on bringing sex-ay to the altar. Lucky for them, there are a great many hot-to-trot sheer, tight, and cut-to-way-up-there dresses from which they can choose.

    More from The Stir: 8 of the Worst Wedding Dresses You'll Ever Lay Eyes On

    Scores of designers are opting to show slip-like gowns that would be perfect for a beach wedding -- but make you look like a perfect mess anywhere else. Buyer beware: this trend should be treated with caution or you risk looking less like a blushing bride and more like a lady of the night.

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    Eczema flare-ups mean you can't do a lot of things. Among them: you should avoid acidic foods, sweating, and itching. Especially the itching.

    But while there might be plenty of restrictions, there are also plenty of things that you should do. Case in point: You CAN be stylish even when you are going through an uncomfortable flare-up. Here's how.

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    Happiest of birthdays to the bra! The undergarment that holds our "girls" in place, keeps our clothing looking sleek, and is probably indirectly responsible for the birth of at least a few million babies throughout modern history, turns 100 today. To be fair, the very first bra-like contraption, which looked and felt more like a torture device, dates way back to the 14th century, but women are breathing easier these days thanks to New York socialite Mary Phelps Jacob, who patented the design for a more comfortable backless bra on this date in 1914.

    More From The Stir: 7 Bra Mistakes You're Probably Making

    Since its inception, the brassiere has been reinvented and reimagined so many times it barely resembles Jacob's original concept, which basically consisted of two handkerchiefs tied in the back with a ribbon.

    More From The Stir: Are You Wearing the Wrong Bra Size?

    Here's a look back at 14 of the most memorable moments in the history of the bra.

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    I know that at 36, I'm not exactly a spring chicken anymore -- but the other day while I was getting dressed, I realized I could probably put a little more effort into trying to make myself feel remotely sexy.

    And I'm not talking about getting my ass over to the gym to try and tone up and shed a few pounds -- although that would certainly help matters too.

    And I'm also not referring to my typical work-at-home mom attire. Let's face it -- I'm not about to put on a skirt and heels when I'm not planning on moving from the kitchen island all day.

    But there is one simple thing I know would work wonders and would make me feel put together, borderline hot, and also a little bit naughty.

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    Well isn't this just great. After years of trying to find the perfect bra to lift, separate, and make us look voluptuous and womanly -- new research suggests that going braless might be better for your breasts than keeping them locked up.

    Get this one -- when you don't wear a bra? Supposedly it actually strengthens your breast muscles, which in turn wind up giving your girls a boost. Oh, and wearing a bra may make sagging even worse.

    Seriously? Who knew?

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    Mannequins are having quite a decade. They are looking more realistic than ever before and have really evolved from their 1950s cousins, which were mostly blonde and svelte. Now, stores have the option of using multiethnic life-size dolls that have round booties, curves and, in some cases, even reflect the bodies of people with disabilities. And why the heck not? Aside from having the power to make a powerful statement about beauty ideals in our society, it makes sense that we should be able to visualize how different clothing designs look on various body shapes and types since the average female consumer is not 5’9 and model-skinny.

    American Apparel has always been a company that pushed the envelope in terms of what is considered ideally beautiful. One store in New York City took things pretty far this week when it unveiled female mannequins with one asset we've yet to see: pubic hair.

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    I didn't grow up loving princesses and all-things pastel, but I've seen most Disney princess films and have absolutely nothing against these cherished characters. My daughter learned to sip juice from a Cinderella cup, and we sometimes read Snow White before bedtime. So, no princess issues for me.

    But as a grown woman, I leave the tiara-wearing and princess love to my toddler. So when I found out that one Japanese company named Bellemaison makes sexy Disney-themed lingerie for adult women, I chalked it up to "things I don't understand and never will." But I couldn't help wanting to get another glimpse. 

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