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    The next time you pass a woman wearing a pendant that looks like a pearl or a ring that looks like a large moonstone, you might want to check again. It could be made from breast milk.

    A mom in Rhode Island has discovered a way to turn breast milk into beads. And lockets. And pendants. Since starting her company just last year, artist Allicia Mogavero's Mommy Milk Creations has become so popular, her jewelry has up to a year-long wait. Sound disgusting? Most don't think so.

    Mogavero started Mommy Milk after discovering a way to harden breast milk by encasing it and covering it with resin. She promises that each piece is unique and authentic.

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    I want to start by saying NO ONE is actually serious about this "jewelry" -- it's just a silly fashion stunt. Silly? Gross is more like it. At a fashion show in London, designer Meadham Kirchhoff put a "bloody" tampon earring on a model and sent her down the runway. Ew, right? WHY???

    The blood on the earring wasn't real. So at least there's that.

    Kirchhoff's does "punk-style" designs that are meant to be provocative, so the earring fit right in. The invites to the fashion show read, "Reject Everything!" "Okay!" said everyone. "We're definitely rejecting that earring."

    That said, you obviously want to see what we're talking about.

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    A statement necklace sold by Topshop has just a little too much to say -- or maybe it's the way it's saying it? I never thought I'd have a reason to write the words "racist jewelry" but that's pretty much what the fuss is all about. Topshop selling a yellowface "head charm necklace" -- with matching bracelet and earrings, no less? Why on God's green Earth would a person think this is a good idea?

    Topshop thinks we're making a big deal out of nothing. When a shopper complained to a store manager she was told the jewelry was "acceptable, because it was vintage style and not racist," she says via Twitter. Facepalm! Since when are "vintage style" and "racist" mutually exclusive? Oh man, if we listed all the "vintage" things we no longer buy because they're also racist ... well, let's just say I have better things to do with my day.

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    Whether you believe in it or not, astrology is fun. I've always been fascinated by people who make it their whole lives. I'm a Cancer, and while I've been known to read a horoscope or two (or 12), I've never put much stock in it. After all, one of my best friends is a Gemini, which by star standards shouldn't be possible for me.

    But if there's ever an excuse to buy jewelry, I'm all about it. I was recently thinking about buying the aforementioned Gemini bestie some astrology-themed jewelry to celebrate her birthday. I fell into a rabbit hole of treasures, and it got me thinking -- surely there were cute options for EVERY astrological sign out there! 

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    Most of us couldn't manage to focus on anything other than the hideous leather skirt she was wearing earlier this week, but wait until you see Kim Kardashian's chic personalized jewelry, which honors her precious baby girl, North West.

    Ok, so I know that plenty of us already sport "mom" necklaces, bracelets, and the like with our children's names, birth dates, or birthstones featured on them. Kim took this concept to a whole new level of "OMG I love my kid so much I can't stand it" with her stylish piece of bling.

    Take a look at this photo and pay special attention to her earlobe.

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    I don't know if it's because of Game of Thrones or the lightness of spring, but I'm seeing a lot of hair jewelry lately. I love how it looks, but how do you pull it off, exactly? There are so many different ways to style it. Well, the good news is that hair jewelry can be as simple -- or as elaborate -- as you want it to be. So if you've ever found yourself standing in front of a rack of rhinestone hair pins wondering where the heck to actually pin them, here are 18 beautiful hair jewelry looks to give you some inspiration.

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    Uhh. Whaaa? After seeing Instagram photos of Kendall Jenner sporting a huge nose ring at Coachella, I'm not sure whether to laugh, cringe in pain, or do a little bit of both.

    I know the festival tends to bring out the carefree spirit in everyone, but this piercing is so out of character for her that it's hard to believe it's actually real. I mean, I guess I can sort of see her getting a tiny diamond stud in her nose, but this thing?

    Well ... see for yourself.

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    How could you not love love? Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron are IN LOVE. Or should I say in LOVEEE because that is the way 24-year-old Katherine announced her engagement to AJ by Instagram. She wrote: "WE'RE ENGAGEDDD!!!

    Cue the Pharrell Happy song! And let's take a look at the incredible ring.

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    When it comes to engagement rings, some women are unwilling to deviate from classic, solitaire diamonds; others are totally open to the idea of rocking a non-traditional ring that speaks to them for one reason or another -- even if that reason is they really love Disney movies.

    If you're a huge fan of the film Frozen -- and I've yet to find one person who isn't -- you can now commit to your honey with the help of an engagement ring inspired by Elsa, the Snow Queen of Arendelle, or Princess Anna. An online jewelry site called Gemvara probably figured it would be a pretty cool, not to mention timely, idea to feature items like its Elsa-ish Snowflake ring, which contains a pretty aquamarine, and the more funky Flamenco Ring, which you could easily picture on the finger of Princess Anna.

    If rings inspired by pop culture or trends are your thing, there are quite a few at your fingertips (ha, ha). Here are 7 of the most interesting ones out there.

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    Whoa! We already knew the new piece of bling she's sporting these days is a major stunner, but after catching another glimpse of Mila Kunis' fat engagement ring, it's even more obvious that Ashton Kutcher most certainly did not go to Jared.

    The sparkler was impossible to miss on her ring finger while she was spotted out for dinner last night in Hollywood -- though she looked less than amused about the photographers who were frantically trying to get shots of it. And it's nothing to be embarrassed about -- so she shouldn't have any qualms about flaunting her rock like it's her job. (We're all happy for you girl ... it's cool!)

    Are you ready? Here's a closer look.

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