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    You've probably noticed them popping up everywhere: bright, colorful, "skinny belts." They're the kind of thing that I love on other people, but am not quite sure how to approach myself, not really being a belt person in general. So I asked my style expert and author friend Bridgette Raes to give me some tips on how to work those fun, fab pieces into our wardrobes even if they don't quite seem like "us."

    Here are 4 tips on how to wear the bright belt trend and some colorful options out there for inspiration! Pair them with bright lipstick and you've got yourself a whole fresh new look!


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    Pastel colors are going to be a big trend this spring, but many women tend to shy away from them because they fear looking like Easter eggs or little girls. There's no need to avoid the lightest and sweetest lavenders, pinks, blues, and yellows, which can soften your overall look and make you feel happier and lighter than you have all winter long -- if you can keep a few tricks in mind for how to wear them well.

    Lucky for us, it's easier than ever to find great and sophisticated pastel clothing and accessories. Here are 9 essential pastel pieces that will make you super excited to add light hues to your spring wardrobe.

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    Your classic cat's eye is gorgeous -- but if you're getting a little bored with the look and want to spice things up, you'll love what spring has in store for you. The next great eye makeup trend is graphic eyeliner, which you should think of as the cat eye's cooler, hipper cousin.

    Depending on how dramatic and bold you want to get, graphic eyeliner can make a real statement. Instead of placing one solid line along your upper eyelash and painting it thicker by the outer corners, you're free to allow your imagination to run wild when playing with graphic looks. From precise, thin lines that are applied to the crease to artful arrows that jut out from the eye's corner to thicker, squared-off "wings" worn with no mascara, anything goes with graphic eyeliner.

    Here are 4 great tutorials for 4 different graphic eyeliners looks to help you get started.

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    Leggings may look like pants, with their deceptively thick fabric and ability to turn any pair of boots into a fashion "do." Leggings may even act like pants, keeping your legs warm enough to make you think you're wearing, well, actual pants. But don't fall for it, guys -- leggings are NOT, nor will they ever be, true pants. Therefore, the number one rule of wearing leggings? Keep thy butt hidden at all times!

    Paris Hilton recently decided to ignore that dress code of honor. As a result, she's paying for it by having her glam card taken away from her as folks accuse her of trying to dress like an ordinary mere mortal -- albeit one who has not gotten the memo about leggings.

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    Everyone is talking about how spring is coming (hooray!) and they can't wait to slip into some toe-exposing sandals. My pedicure is ready and I love the air on my toes. But I'm also not going to give up my ankle boots. They are perfect with jeans in the winter and fall, but they look great with dresses and shorts in spring and summer. Yes, ankle boots. Even the suede ones.

    I have some very specific reasons your ankle boots should be a year-long staple.

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    Eczema flare-ups mean you can't do a lot of things. Among them: you should avoid acidic foods, sweating, and itching. Especially the itching.

    But while there might be plenty of restrictions, there are also plenty of things that you should do. Case in point: You CAN be stylish even when you are going through an uncomfortable flare-up. Here's how.

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    Awards season and its star, the Oscars, are great for a number of reasons. For the style-obsessed, that walk down the red carpet is sure to provide some fabulous moments. There are the dresses so gorgeous we'll remember them forever, and then there are the looks we'll remember ... for other waaay less glamorous reasons. Over the years, there have been just as many cringe-worthy gowns as stunning ones. And with the 2014 Oscars this Sunday, we're sure to see a lot more of the good -- and the very, very bad.

    Strangely, it's the weird and outrageous takes on style that stay with us, maybe even more than the heavenly couture that floats down past the flashbulbs. It got me thinking: We're always looking to celebrities for inspiration when it comes to how we dress and style our hair. Why not see how the average person looks trying on their more, um, "unique" outfits?

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    The Golden Globes red carpet the other night reinforced my belief that a brilliant orange-red color is so ultra gorgeous and flattering. More of us regular people should be wearing it more often, including me, I say! However, it can definitely be kind of intimidating to buy something so bold and bright, let alone wear it.

    I mean, what if you look like Ronald McDonald instead of, oh, say Lupita Nyong’o or Emma Watson? Fear not! There are some easy ways to make sure you look totally gorgeous embracing this trend.

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    There's nothing boot-i-ful (har, har) about making fashion mistakes that involve our favorite winter footwear (yay, boots!) and our warm-weather pants and dresses. Much the way we wouldn't pair a cowboy hat with a cocktail dress, some boot styles are a match made in heaven with certain outfits -- while others just leave us looking clunky or too sexy for the street.

    Remember these simple tricks and you'll perfect the art of wearing these 4 super-hot boot styles any time your heart desires!



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    It's been a long, hard winter of crop tops. Judging by Spring's 2014 runway shows, I regret to inform you that the 90s throwback piece isn't going away quite so soon. The good news is that many new trends will be heading our way and a great deal of them are exciting and totally wearable.

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