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    Ponytail, down, messy bun. Ponytail, down, messy bun. Ponytail, down ... you get the idea! Those are my three go-to hairstyles, and I am SICK of them! But I'm also lazy. And busy. So, I've scouted around for some new easy-to-do but super cute hairstyles that we can all totally pull off quickly and without angst.

    Because hair should be fun -- and not just on special occasions!

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    “Mom!” my teen-aged daughter, Sadie, said in her typical teen-aged tone. “Your hair?”

    “What’s wrong with my hair?” I asked and fluffed it up in the rear view mirror.

    Sadie didn’t say another word. But I knew what she was thinking.

    “My mom has a case of bed head and my friend is about to get in the car and my friend is going to think my mom has the ugliest hair in the whole entire town. And I’m going to die of humiliation.”

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    Ladies, we've got the perfect 'do for your busy self! It's a cool, simple knotted bun we spotted backstage at an Erin Fetherston fashion show. But here's the thing: The style was created by a mom and dad. Beauty team, married couple, and parents of two Woody and Amy Michleb of Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Spa know exactly how much time moms have to get ready in the morning -- and exactly how easy it is for your hair to fall apart while chasing little kids.

    "I'm not a ponytail kind of girl," Amy Michleb told us. "I like something more polished, but still easy." Did someone say easy? We'll show you exactly how easy in this super simple hair tutorial. Take a look ...

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    “Mommy,” my daughter Emma said. “Can I play with your hair?”

    “Of course you can, Honey,” I answered for the three-dozenth time in her life.

    She sat me down and started running her fingers through my long hair.

    “Never mind,” she said sadly. “Your hair’s too flat.”

    Now, I’ve been rejected by way harsher critics than my daughter, so I didn’t think any more about it until I stumbled upon a video on CafeMom’s Mad Life’s Beauty Breaks. The glam squad (who I simply adore!) was talking with a mom of two who wanted more voluminous hair. What caught my attention was the reference to J.Lo and her full and luscious hair. Because, really, who wouldn’t want hair like J.Lo’s? I watched the whole thing through and realized that my hair problems could be cured with a simple trip to Target!

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    Why do we do it? Why do we cut our own bangs? Nearly every woman I know has made that beauty mistake at least once in her life, and we nearly always regret it. Sure, there's that one friend who insists she knows what she's doing and can cut her bangs perfectly. But most of us know DIY-ing it usually leads to woe and tears.

    Heck, sometimes even when someone else does the cutting, we still regret the bangs!

    So let's take a moment out of our busy days to look at photos of women with very bad bangs -- and while we're giggling at their hair horrors, let's also find out what you can actually do about these terrible hair mistakes.

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    I have a friend named Jill who is the warmest, funniest, most generous friend I have. But she’s also the prettiest. I’m no slouch in the looks department, but after spending a day with Jill, I become much more aware of my shortcomings!

    One day, after a game of tennis (she beat me of course), we went out for a quick lunch.

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    In my next life, I will be one of those ladies who has her hair colored, professionally, properly at a salon. But for now, I am one of those ladies who colors her own hair at home. And you know what? It's going all right. I've gotten a lot of practice and learned a lot of hard lessons. Like, hair-falling-out-in-my-hands kind of lessons. Ugly lessons. 

    We'll get to that in a minute. The good news is, if all you want is a simple, single-process color, you can do that yourself. In fact, the only reason to get a single-process color in a salon is just to save yourself the mess and trouble. But really, it's not that difficult. Here's how.

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    Another day, another morning where you're trying to figure out what to do with your hair! Why not a braid? Maybe an amazingly creative braid that will take you all morning and frustrate you to no end and cause you to be late? Um ... no, thanks.

    Let's be real -- you don't have all morning to play with your hair. But you'd like to do something other than the same old same old. Here are three braid ideas that are a little bit different, but are still quick and easy to pull off.

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    Summer is still going strong (woohoo!), and if you're like me, you've fallen into a bit of a ponytail/messy bun rut. Granted, those are both easy ways of "doing" your hair and keeping it up off your neck and away from your face, but they do tend to get boring after a while. Adding a braid into your hairstyle can really take it from blah to super cute!

    Here are five ideas for hair with a twist, from long styles to a pretty updo that will work on short or long hair.

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    Sick of shaving your legs? Well you're in luck, because hairy legs on women is in style this summer. Not since the summer of 1915 have we seen such a warm, welcome embrace of hirsute gams. All of a sudden, women everywhere are throwing down their razors and waxing kits and saying NO MORE. No longer will we be slaves to hair removal and razor burn. It's time to liberate leg hair!

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