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    If Girls' Lena Dunham changes up her style in any way, chances are good that a whole lot of fashion-forward young women are going to follow suit. This is usually a positive thing because the way she dresses, though quirky at times, is at least original -- what with her adorable clogs and rompers. You prob won't find one single label on this cool chick and, despite how much money she rakes in from her successful show, her look is something any girl with a more modest salary could copy.

    Lena took to Instagram recently and posted a photo of herself with a new hairdo. Only, it's actually an old hairdo -- one some of us might recognize from our most embarrassing childhood photos.

    Yep, the actress has chopped her brunette locks into a bowl cut -- wait, make that a platinum bowl cut.

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    Soooo ... yeah. Jessica Simpson has a new perfume ad out, and all I can say is that after seeing it, you won't be able to get the image of her more than ample bosom out of your head.

    Wait, let me rephrase that.

    To put it a little more bluntly, Jessica Simpson's boobs will basically hit you smack dab in the face after watching this. It's no big secret that Jess' body is somewhat of a work of art these days, but good GRIEF -- she might as well have gone topless for this video, given how "out there" her girls are.

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    We all know how liberating it feels to walk around the house or -- gasp! -- to the grocery store wearing a T-shirt with no bra beneath. We can breathe better and move freely and -- well, it's just one of those guilty pleasures in life, isn't it?

    But most of us wouldn't be caught dead at an actual event, around actual people, wearing a gorgeous gown and no bra. At the very least, we'd plaster those sticky things over our female bits for about five seconds until we realize they don't actually hold anything up or in place.

    Well, that's what sets these 10 celebrities apart from the rest of us. These famous ladies aren't ashamed to step in front of cameras letting it all hang out. And, what's even crazier, most look stunning with AND without bras. Here are 10 actresses, singers, and models who sometimes forget their bras back home.

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    Ladies, get out your nose ring. This old-school piercing could become the hot new thing this fall -- but only for the most daring among us. On her cover of the September W magazine, Rihanna sports a pierced septum. That's the wall separating your two nostrils. Riri's got a provocative bauble dangling underneath hers, the better to go with her intense glare and blue forehead, of course.

    I didn't know this before, but clearly no one can pull off a septum ring the way Rihanna can. Still, some of us are curious about this kind of piercing. Is it much more painful than an earring? Will it look ridiculous on you at drop-off? And is this the new tattoo for Rihanna?

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    How short can short shorts get? One daring young woman has gone where no other woman has gone before to answer that question in the name of science. Witness Selena Gomez in her teeny denim cutoffs. Da-yum! They're so short, I kind of feel like I should just post the photographic evidence and end the post right here.

    But no, let's discuss. Have a look and tell me, is derriere underhang the new side boob? As we head into the dog days of August, is this about to become a thing?

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    Gray hair. It's a milestone we all reach sooner or later whether we like it or not. The fact is, some of us arrive there kicking and screaming with hair dye at the ready, while others embrace the transition and let their natural hair shine through. Of course, in Hollywood, the former reigns supreme. God help the actress who admits to having gray hair or, God forbid, actually lets those silver roots fly.

    Gwyneth Paltrow -- the high priestess of superiority -- for instance, is famous for having said she's never had a gray hair. The comment seems highly dubious for someone already 40, but one can at least understand the worry she has in deigning to admit that she, like all real people, is aging.

    So what is a graying actress to do? Hide it! Some admit it. Others are caught in between appointments. So who are these famous ladies who are secretly gray? Here are seven of them:

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    Can you believe? Allure magazine called Lauren Conrad a "basic" bitch! They're not saying she's cranky or mean. "Basic" is a label for a certain kind of girl who, as they put it, wears blowout sausage curls, skinny jeans, and a ballet-slipper-pink manicure. Oh, and she smells like vanilla cupcake body milk, whatever that is. But wait, that sounds like a lot of girls? What the heck does this label really mean?!?

    Friends, basic bitch isn't just a label -- it's a lifestyle. Are you basic? Take our quiz and find out!

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    Exciting news from Blake Lively -- she's just delivered her baby! Derr, that is, Lively launched Preserve, her new lifestyle website. After weeks of teasing the site went live Monday and already people are comparing it to Gwyneth Paltrow's web magazine, Goop. But I have to tell you, there's almost nothing Goopish about Preserve. The two couldn't be more different. It's like Lively went out of her way to make her website as different from Paltrow's as possible.

    So what's Preserve got that's different from Goop, and what do we think of it? Is it more down-to-earth and accessible? We dug around to give you the scoop.

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    I take the worst selfies. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing when I hold that phone up to my face and click. What's with this special talent for making myself look all derpy? Clearly I need help. And so, I'm turning to the pros. I figure, who better to show me how to take a FLATTERING selfie than celebrities! And so, here are some of the best celeb selfies I've seen lately, and what we can all learn from them.

    P.S. This post is a duck-lips free zone!

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    Kate Upton thinks you're overdoing the sexy look. Well, maybe not you, but a lot of women are. In a Cosmopolitan magazine profile, Upton says, "I think a lot of people try too hard. Whenever you're like, 'I wanna dress sexy,' that's a bad place to start from." I think we all know the trying-too-hard look Kate's talking about. It usually involves a body-con dress with derriere and boobs jutting out uncomfortably in opposite directions and duck lips. See also: Instagram, 80 percent.

    So what should we do instead if we want to look sexy? Here are Upton's simple yet genius tips.

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