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    Darnit. Just when i thought I was over wanting bangs, Selena Gomez put the idea back in my head with one glam photo.

    The singer, who we think we can say with certainly is on-again with Justin Bieber, posted a photo on Instagram with a one-word message that says it all: "bangs." After sporting the same super-long, gorgeous locks for some time, the 22-year-old decided to try something different -- by resurrecting a style from the not-so-distant past.

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    Sweet Ariana Grande is the princess of kissy faces and the high ponytail. I love when she belts out I want you-ou-ou in the song "Problem." (Did I just share that?!) I love how she's all tough-not-tough in "Bang Bang." There's also the fact she's dating rapper Big Sean, too, but let's not get into that here. She's all about that dang ponytail. Is she ever without it?

    I completely relate to this "problem." It's easy to get into a hair rut. There once was a time I rocked the Ariana ponytail every single day. Though it was with a scrunchie and I don't think Ariana was born yet. Since having kids, I usually clip my hair up in a wacky however it looks without a mirror bun and go. But Ari just changed her look. And it's inspiring. And adorable. And so do-able.

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    We all know Miley Cyrus has been going to great lengths for some time now to erase all our memories of the gal who made her a star. But her latest move is so bold, not only will you forget all about Hannah Montana, but you won't even think about her twerking scandal either.

    At an after-party for Alexander Wang‘s New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 show, the 21-year-old singer didn't just leave her bra at home, she ditched her shirt as well. The pop star wore only ice cream cone pasties covering her nipples as she partied the night away. 

    While Fashion Week has never been the place where I, as a mom of three, look for realistic clothing inspiration, this is definitely going in my own personal "fashion don't" category.

    Cyrus, of course, can (sort of) pull off this wacky look, but can you imagine if we moms tried it? Talk about taking "Mom, you're embarrassing me!" to new heights!

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    Feeling blue about the three-day holiday being over? Well I have something to cheer you up. AT LAST! We have photos and details about Angelina Jolie's wedding dress. Friends of the bride revealed last week that it was long and white and "very Angie." Well, here's how Angie it was. Atelier Versace designed the dress in collaboration with her kids. Drawings by the Jolie-Pitt children decorated Jolie's gown! Can you just (SIGH!) -- don't you just love that?

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    We are still a-twitter over Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's secret wedding over the weekend, and we're dying to show you the dress ... except there are no photos of it yet. Still! But in the meantime we have found a few details about Brangelina's wedding rings.

    Back when they were engaged, Pitt helped design Jolie's spectacular 16-carat diamond ring with luxury jeweler Robert Procop. So it's no surprise that the couple turned to Procop again to design the wedding bands.

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    Who doesn't want to look like a celebrity? If you haven't been cast in the next big blockbuster just yet, you can still look (a bit) like a Hollywood A-lister by mimicking the most coveted hair colors for fall 2014

    Which hues make us swoon? Glad you asked! Many shades of red, rich as the color of autumn leaves, abound. Warm honey blondes are also popular. The ombre is still in season but softened a bit by a more gradual effect. And that's not all! 

    "The change in season is always a great excuse to change your look," explains Carlina Ortega, colorist at the Rita Hazan Salon. "Fall is no exception. Hair color trends are always changing. Altering your look slightly, going deeper or darker in color, is always a great idea for the cooler weather. It adds shine back into your hair that the hot sun stripped away. Your locks will need that extra nourishment for the windy, lower temps."

    The following are 10 celebrity hair colors we covet for fall.

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    Don't we all have a favorite celeb mom whose style we love? Whether it's Gwyneth Paltrow's ice queen chic or Jennifer Garner's one-step-up-from-pajamas, there's someone whose look we can relate to ... or at least aspire to. Obviously we don't have their wardrobe budget or access to their hair dressers. But if you look closely, you can kind of figure out what your version of their style would be.

    Here are 11 celebrity moms whose style inspire us. Whose look would you copy, if you could?

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    Last night's 2014 Emmy Awards did not disappoint -- at least on the red carpet. We saw a dazzling array of gowns both stunningly beautiful and stunningly awful. Lena Dunham, thank you! Where to even begin? I wish we could spend the whole day dishing over all the looks.

    It was challenging, but we pulled together the top 10 best and worst looks of the Emmys red carpet. Are your favorites on this list?

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    Last night's MTV Video Music Awards show had a few surprises -- on the red carpet, at least. Demure, preppy Taylor Swift took a big risk with her look. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus practically looked like a grown-up on the red carpet this year, though haven't we seen that black leather bandeau and pants outfit on her somewhere else recently? And one woman decided to dispense with wearing anything but a few strands of beads. We'll let you guess who ...

    Here are 8 of the best and worst red carpet looks from the 2014 VMAs.

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    If Girls' Lena Dunham changes up her style in any way, chances are good that a whole lot of fashion-forward young women are going to follow suit. This is usually a positive thing because the way she dresses, though quirky at times, is at least original -- what with her adorable clogs and rompers. You prob won't find one single label on this cool chick and, despite how much money she rakes in from her successful show, her look is something any girl with a more modest salary could copy.

    Lena took to Instagram recently and posted a photo of herself with a new hairdo. Only, it's actually an old hairdo -- one some of us might recognize from our most embarrassing childhood photos.

    Yep, the actress has chopped her brunette locks into a bowl cut -- wait, make that a platinum bowl cut.

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