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    We all love good quality beauty products, and we like them even more when the company is supporting a worthy cause. And Philosophy's new hope & grace initiative is the perfect combination of both.

    Last month, Philosophy announced the initiative to support women’s mental health and help improve the way society views mental illness. Right on, Philosophy! Through the initiative, Philosophy will dedicate 1% of all its sales to organizations working to empower women through the promotion, prevention, and treatment of mental health. 

    The stars of this initiative are Philosophy's best selling products: Hope in a Jar Moisturizer and Amazing Grace Fragrance. So to take part, we're giving away gift packages of these two products to ten lucky winners! 

    To enter for a chance to win a Philosophy gift package, let us know: 

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    A shopper, offended by an ultra-skinny mannequin on display at a department store in Scotland, took to Twitter to state her case and successfully had the rib-revealing dummy removed.

    Mel Fraser told Primark she'd prefer to see mannequins in "all different shapes and sizes" because she doesn't want "young girls thinking this is the only way to be." As a result of her Tweet, the department store agreed not to use this skeletal mannequin again. 

    But the issue makes us wonder: Are protruding ribs synonymous with beauty? I don't think so. 

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    While vandalism is nothing to be proud of, we can understand why someone may have wanted to deface one particular billboard in Ann Arbor, Michigan

    The original body-shaming message, courtesy of Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, reads: "Friends Don't Let Friends Muffin Top." Or it did, until someone with a can of spray paint decided to issue a more uplifting message to passing motorists.

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    "We should Skype!" Have you ever heard those words and cringed because you just don't look good on Skype? We're not all super confident on camera, especially when it's a webcam. Something about the way it blows up your face to fill the whole screen is just so ... ugh, the worst. But if you want to talk with someone you love and see their face -- yay, the best of technology! -- you've gotta do it.

    It doesn't have to be painful. You just need a few camera tricks, the kind anyone can pull off. Here are 8 essential tips to looking your best on Skype, you superstar, you.

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    I am cuckoo for coconut. I do love the flavor, but more to the point: I love the smell, and I loooooove coconut-scented beauty products! They're great in the summer because they're so summery, and they're great in the winter because ... they're so summery!

    As a true coco-NUT, I have tried dozens (hundreds?!) of coconut beauty products, and these are some of my all-time favorites. And they're all really affordable, too!

    Do you like the smell of coconut and do you have any favorite beauty products to add to the list?

    Image via peddhapati/Flickr

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    There are some very good reasons why you'd want to get a spray tan instead of a sun tan. Cancer, for starters. Why risk skin cancer when you can get the same effect with just a brief visit to a salon? Well ... almost the same effect. If everything goes perfectly. And you remember not to wear those little booties. And you remember to take off your watch. And -- wow, there's a lot of things that can go colossally wrong when you fake 'n' bake. Don't commit these spray tan fails. (But do laugh at them -- shh, we won't tell!)

    More From The Stir: 2 Fixes for Embarrassing Fake Tanning Mishaps

    Do you ever tan at a salon or use self tanner at home?

    Image ©

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    For the longest time disabled people have been all but invisible in the media. But look how quickly that's been changing lately! One giant retailer has struck another victory for diversity. Nordstrom's new catalog features a woman in a wheelchair. But she's not just any woman -- Jillian Mercado is a style blogger (Manufactured1987) who just happens to have purple hair and muscular dystrophy. And she makes her Moto Lite boots look incredibly chic. 

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    Summer is in full blast and we're in for a world of pain. No seriously, when I think of July and August, my feet hurt preemptively just picturing the blisters my sandals will give me. I can feel the prickly heat breaking out on my arms. I know what my mascara will look like as it slowly creeps down my face (why not just apply it directly to my jaw and save myself the trouble?). And I can feel the beach sand itching you-know-where. Help!

    We need some remedies! Here are 9 of our least favorite summer beauty fails and how you can prevent and treat them.

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    As an official product junkie, I could happily spend oodles and oodles of money on makeup and beauty products every month. The only problem? A distinct lack of oodles and oodles of money! While I do splurge now and then, I'm no millionaire, so I'm all about cutting corners when I can. And I have a few tricks up my sleeve I'm dying to share ...

    These 9 brilliant makeup hacks will save you big bucks and keep you sitting pretty! Do you have any of your own to add?

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    Pretty girls are a dime a dozen in this world -- but pretty girls who aren't afraid to look "ugly?" Total BFF material, right there.

    The latest hot Reddit subtopic, aptly called PrettyGirlsUglyFaces, is a place where girls who are as beautiful as models unabashedly show off what they say are their worst angles or most frightening expressions. They pull their faces down to allow extra neck flesh to seep out, bulge out their eyes so that they resemble horror film characters, and basically take the anti celeb selfie -- all in an effort to be brutally, refreshingly honest and to change our ideas of what beauty really is.

    And it works.

    So, if you're tired of seeing so many glam selfies that you just can't seem to -- or don't care to -- emulate, take a minute and check out these "pretty/ugly" ladies.

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