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    When I had my first baby, I expected to be sleep deprived. I knew I would have to kiss my two-hour afternoon coffee/reading breaks at my local cafe buh-bye. I even came to terms with the fact that most of my high-heeled shoes would remain buried in my closet until my child was a wee bit older. But I worked to maintain my beauty regimen. I felt a bizarre obligation as a new mom to prove to the world that personal style needn't die a sudden death the second your baby is born.

    It worked. Anna Wintour would have been proud.

    And then I had my second child. And that's when I realized I'd have to part ways with these 10 beauty and fashion habits and luxuries that I once loved so dearly.

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    Somewhere out there, I'm sure there are mothers who spend an hour or more each morning taking a sudsy warm shower, carefully applying mascara, and even straightening their hair and putting product in it. 

    Those moms aren't me. Nor are they anyone I know.

    I haven't gotten myself "ready" in the morning in eight years since I quit my full-time, in-office job to stay home with the kids. Morning shower? I don't even know what that feels like anymore.

    My daily routine looks more like this: My husband brings the baby to me at 5 a.m. She nurses for an hour while I fall in and out of sleep. By 6 a.m. all three of my children are in my bed, piled up like puppies on top of my husband. If the baby falls back asleep, I carefully place a pillow beside her so she won't roll away and climb over the rest of my sleeping brood.

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    It's that time of year again! With all the back-to-school shopping you've been doing for your kids, you deserve some new supplies too, don't you think? And by supplies, of course I mean ... beauty supplies!

    From pencils to highlighters, here are some gorgeous products to replenish your book beauty bag, along with some time-saving tips for those stressful, rushed mornings. Because isn't that what we really wish we could shop for ... more time?!

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    As a general rule, I don't do eye shadow. The idea of spending 30 minutes every morning contouring my eyes a la the Kardashians sounds like overkill. Who has the time? I certainly don't.

    But then I heard Hollywood makeup artist Pati Dubroff mention how to create bigger eyes with a few simple makeup tricks, and I was hooked. Would I like my eyes to look bigger and brighter? You bet. Especially if it doesn't take me all morning.

    The Stir tapped Dubroff to get her tips on natural-looking, eye-enlarging makeup. Yes, you'll have to use more than one product. But this is a quick, four-step process that should take just a couple of minutes, once you get the hang of it. Here's your new fast, perfect eye makeup routine.

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    I love all those little bottles of essential oils you see at health food stores, don't you? So many lovely smells, so many possibilities! If only I knew what the heck to do with them. I mean, there's the idea of essential oils, and then there's the reality of what happens when you bring home that little bottle of Jasmine oil (because it smelled so good!) and let it sit around, waiting for you to figure out a use for it.

    So I decided to tap an expert to help me figure out what to do with these natural treasures I keep collecting. Which oils do what? How much should I use? And can they be harmful? Here are a few ways to use essential oils for some of your most common beauty problems:

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    I have a beauty secret and her name is Olivia. Olivia is not my beautician. She is not my hairdresser. She is my daughter.

    Ever since she first learned to talk, Olivia has made me feel beautiful.

    “My mommy’s pretty!” she would say to everyone from the grocery store clerk to the mail carrier to friends and family members who came to visit.

    My gut reaction was to shrug off her praises with comments like “Oh, please! With these wrinkles!” or “Not with this flabby belly/blotchy skin/or other defect only I can see.”

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    I put on lipstick every morning before I leave for work, and it usually disappears by the time I get into the office. Obviously I could reapply once I get into work, but then I'd have to 1) remember to bring it with me and 2) remember to re-apply it. Believe it or not, these two things are completely beyond my capability. Help! I need lip color that thinks for me and works overtime.

    Am I asking too much of my makeup? Of course not. I've come across 5 lip products that multitask for me like a busy mama needs them to. I love these lip treatments so much, I could kiss them.

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    Who wouldn't want to look like stunning starlets Megan Fox or Miranda Kerr? But what if achieving their glowing skin and shiny locks meant drinking a pretty distasteful concoction?

    The gorgeous brunettes are among Hollywood A-listers who've put down the juice cleanses in favor of what they believe could be a new magical elixir: vinegar. (Did you just grimace? We did too!)

    But Fox, the 28-year-old mom of two, believes that the bitter beverage is responsible for "cleaning out your system." A self-proclaimed sweets-lover, the star of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drinks a cocktail of apple cider vinegar and water each morning. 

    As wacky as it may sound, Fox isn't drinking alone!

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    With all the plastic surgeons, cosmetic treatments, and HD-ready FLAWLESS! makeup out there, it's almost like we don't have an excuse for looking like a regular human being. And yet, I am a regular human being who doesn't want to get plastic surgery and does not have time for elaborate contouring. If only there were a mask that would make me beautiful in a snap. But not just beautiful in my own, unique way: No, beautiful in the same way everyone on TV and the tabloids are. Oh wait, there is! The new Ideal-Woman Rubber Mask!

    Okay, I'm joking of course -- and so is The Onion, who made this parody video for a mask that lets you literally "put on your face." It's supposed to be a critique of beauty standards. You know, how our culture pushes this "ideal" image? High cheekbones, white flawless skin, full lips, wide-set eyes, etc. But they've also tapped into something a lot of us find strangely appealing.

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    We all love good quality beauty products, and we like them even more when the company is supporting a worthy cause. And Philosophy's new hope & grace initiative is the perfect combination of both.

    Last month, Philosophy announced the initiative to support women’s mental health and help improve the way society views mental illness. Right on, Philosophy! Through the initiative, Philosophy will dedicate 1% of all its sales to organizations working to empower women through the promotion, prevention, and treatment of mental health. 

    The stars of this initiative are Philosophy's best selling products: Hope in a Jar Moisturizer and Amazing Grace Fragrance. So to take part, we're giving away gift packages of these two products to ten lucky winners! 

    To enter for a chance to win a Philosophy gift package, let us know: 

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