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    You've probably noticed them popping up everywhere: bright, colorful, "skinny belts." They're the kind of thing that I love on other people, but am not quite sure how to approach myself, not really being a belt person in general. So I asked my style expert and author friend Bridgette Raes to give me some tips on how to work those fun, fab pieces into our wardrobes even if they don't quite seem like "us."

    Here are 4 tips on how to wear the bright belt trend and some colorful options out there for inspiration! Pair them with bright lipstick and you've got yourself a whole fresh new look!


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    For much of my life, I have been firmly against fanny packs. I remember the extreme disdain I felt for anyone sporting one back in the day ... And we all know that there is no one so disdainful as a pre-teen girl. That disdain is something I thought would last my whole life (see also: Birkenstocks), but, um, well, the truth is ... I think I may be changing my mind about fanny packs.

    Horrifying, right? No! Wait! It's not what you think!

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    Pastel colors are going to be a big trend this spring, but many women tend to shy away from them because they fear looking like Easter eggs or little girls. There's no need to avoid the lightest and sweetest lavenders, pinks, blues, and yellows, which can soften your overall look and make you feel happier and lighter than you have all winter long -- if you can keep a few tricks in mind for how to wear them well.

    Lucky for us, it's easier than ever to find great and sophisticated pastel clothing and accessories. Here are 9 essential pastel pieces that will make you super excited to add light hues to your spring wardrobe.

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    I have a confession to make. I'm somewhat of a handbag snob -- but in the sense that I just can't seem to justify shelling out a ton of cash for something that is going to wind up with crushed crayons and goldfish crackers in the bottom of it.

    Yes, I'm saying I refuse to carry anything but cheap bags (at least until my kid turns 18 or whatever). That being said, you would not believe how many people think the red satchel bag I currently carry around is designer -- and they're simply floored when I tell them it cost $34.99 and I bought it at Target.

    Like seriously -- people look at me like I have two heads when I tell them it didn't cost a fortune.

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    When it comes to engagement rings, some women are unwilling to deviate from classic, solitaire diamonds; others are totally open to the idea of rocking a non-traditional ring that speaks to them for one reason or another -- even if that reason is they really love Disney movies.

    If you're a huge fan of the film Frozen -- and I've yet to find one person who isn't -- you can now commit to your honey with the help of an engagement ring inspired by Elsa, the Snow Queen of Arendelle, or Princess Anna. An online jewelry site called Gemvara probably figured it would be a pretty cool, not to mention timely, idea to feature items like its Elsa-ish Snowflake ring, which contains a pretty aquamarine, and the more funky Flamenco Ring, which you could easily picture on the finger of Princess Anna.

    If rings inspired by pop culture or trends are your thing, there are quite a few at your fingertips (ha, ha). Here are 7 of the most interesting ones out there.

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    It's time for day two of our week-long birthday giveaway extravaganza! Today, our mission is to keep you fashionable (not that our readers need any help in that department) with some colorful and trendy shoes. Four lucky readers will win a pair of Chaste Ballet Flats from Hush Puppies to perfectly complement their spring wardrobes.

    They come in 25 colors, like the yellow, pink pearl, seafoam green, white, and royal blue you see above, and are perfect dancing shoes. This is our birthday celebration, after all. And that means plenty of dancing.

    To enter for a chance to win one of the four pairs of Chaste ballet flats from Hush Puppies, simply tell me:

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    Eczema flare-ups mean you can't do a lot of things. Among them: you should avoid acidic foods, sweating, and itching. Especially the itching.

    But while there might be plenty of restrictions, there are also plenty of things that you should do. Case in point: You CAN be stylish even when you are going through an uncomfortable flare-up. Here's how.

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    When it comes to engagement rings, diamond solitaires aren't every girl's cup of tea. While many women prefer popular, classic styles they can wear with anything and possibly even pass down to their daughter or granddaughters, some of us are too artsy for all that traditional sparkle. Some of us are indie, quirky, or feel altogether too modern to rock a timeless ring.

    One look at Mary-Kate Olsen and you just know she isn't the type of woman who goes for the gold/diamond standard. We recently found out that the former Full House star and designer is officially engaged to Olivier Sarkozy, but today we got a glimpse at the colossal engagement ring she's sporting -- and it couldn't be more perfect for MK.

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    There were so many gorgeous dresses at this year's Oscars. But here's the unfortunate reality: if a celeb's hairstyle falls flat on the big night, it drags down her entire look. It's totally unfair, we know, but it doesn't keep us from expecting much, much more from the women whose looks we admire -- and who are paying big bucks to look dreamy. Plenty of stylish starlets absolutely killed it on the red carpet this year -- I mean, Cate Blanchett is just a flawless example, isn't she? -- but a few also disappointed us big time.

    Here's a look at 16 of the greatest and worst Oscar hairstyles we saw this year.

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    I found myself drooling over an advertisement for nude high-heel sandals the other day like they were giant ice-cream sundaes (or Ryan Gosling). Oh am I sooooooooo tired of my winter boots! Alas, it's not sandal weather yet in most parts of the country (you lucky ducks in Florida can go ahead and just laugh at us). (Oh and also I'm married -- sorry Ryan!)

    But that's OK!  I've got some great picks for shoes that will satisfy your spring-tooth but that you can actually start wearing now. Pedicure is optional!

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