Vienna vs. Tenley: Who Looked Better?

Vienna the bachelor

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Tenely the bachelor

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I was very disappointed in The Bachelor finale. I thought for sure Jake Pavelka was going to pick Tenley Molzahn at the start of the show, but once his family changed their mind and started liking Vienna Girardi, I knew he was going to choose her. Oh and the fact that Jake told Tenley that they lacked physical chemistry. Ouch. Honestly, I'm still annoyed he let Gia go -- I loved her!

I know, it's a show, and edited, so maybe Vienna is a fantastic girl and she and Jake will live happily ever after on the wings of love. Cue the music!

But let's talk about the dresses they wore as they prepared to either be proposed to or dumped.


Vienna wore a teal one shoulder sort of Grecian number. I didn't love it. Certainly on the conservative side considering some of the outfits she had wore throughout the season.

Tenley wore a champagne strapless, sweetheart neckline dress that had a very delicate ruffle on the back -- simple, but a great detail. I loved it and the way it gathered under the bustline and draped down the front. She looked so pretty, but then she was dumped. At least it was with dignity in a gorgeous gown.

Maybe I'm biased because I liked Tenley -- I liked her dress better. Who do you think looked the best: Vienna or Tenley?

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