Pretty Pleats: A Trend I Like

pleated dress

Photo from Anthropologie

I've always loved pleats...if done right. Sometimes pleats can add ten pounds and I'm already packing more lbs than I'd like so I certainly don't want to increase that number.

But sometimes pleats are pleasing to the eye, super pretty, and very feminine. Like this dress from Anthropologie. Swoon.


It's pleated and tiered...kind of like my wedding dress was. Oh I can't wait to fit into that again. Not that I'm going to wear it to work or anything, know what I mean.

I think the Bayan Dress ($188) works because it's made of chiffon -- it's soft and flowy. You can wear this to a wedding or to work, wear it with a sweater in chilly weather or alone when it's warm, which is good because if I'm spending $188 on it, it better be versatile.

You can also think of pleats in a different way. I love this Olivia Moon Pleated Tunic ($68) from Nordstrom and the Striped Pleat Top ($18.99) from Charlotte Russe.

Do you wear pleats?


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