Eco-friendly Weekend Lust List

Let's be green this weekend...without spending too much green. Sounds good, right? But items with an eco-friendly tag are often so much more expensive. No worries! I've got some solutions.


We care about the environment because we care about the future for our kids. And by practicing things ourselves, we set examples for our little ones.

A re-usable eco-tote is a great way to cart groceries or any purchased item from the store. Here's the trick: You've got to leave it in your purse (or diaper bag, bottom of stroller, glove compartment) so it's handy. Otherwise they are left under the sink in the kitchen with all the plastic bags. At least that's what happening in my house. But I'm getting better. I have the Classic String Bag ($5.25 on sale) in my purse right now. They even have Lunch Bags for kids ($9.99) and Totes with Quotes ($14.99).

Lighten your carbon footprint with environmentally-friendly boots. Kamik's footwear is made from 100 percent recycled fabrics and in a green factory. It's no wonder the Joli-Pitts love them, too. The Zoey Rain Boot ($79.95 from Nordstrom) is my favorite. The sweater fold-over is so cute.

No one wants to suds up with chemicals often found in soaps, so you want to green your clean, too. CafeMom sammyrams sells great chemical-free suds-makers (and more) on her Etsy shop called ShopDivinia for $3.25 and up. You may even be able to get the kids to wash their hands more often with soaps as cute as these!

chemical free soaps

CafeMom has groups like Mommies Going Green and Next Generation of Green Thinking Moms (private, you must apply to enter) that discuss more ways to be eco-friendly.

What about you? What steps (even if small) do you take to be more green?

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