How to Dress Cute in the Snow

snow boots hats

Photo from Polyvore

Last week there were reports that every state in the US had snow -- Hawaii was the exception. And now there's talk of a snow hurricane  in the North East. What the freak is going on?

I've been on maternity leave since December 1st and I live in NYC, so yes, I've been seriously nesting for the past 12 weeks and rarely left the house. Why is it that the week I return to work the weather is going berserk?

The skies are gray, it's been raining, and now more snow. Makes me miss being all cuddly with twins even more.

So what do I need? Cute clothes to wear in the snow, of course.


I love love love knit pom pom hats. Sure my hair looks terrible after wearing it for a bit, but who cares? It keeps my noggin warm. Go with a bright color, winter white, or a wintery print.

Knee high snow boots look great over jeans and faux fur lined kicks in a camel/light brown color are fab.

How do you make yourself look like the cutest (adult) snow bunny?


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