Mix & Match Patterns: I Dare You

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Photo from Painfully Hip

This mix and match outfit put together by Amber at Painfully Hip is so pretty and artful — and the whole outfit only cost $50. Yep, for just $50, Amber got woodland creatures, plaid, houndstooth, zigzags and argyle all into one look.


Now I know some of you classically fashioned purists are going to say, "NO WAY!" to Amber's multi-patterned look, but take heed. You can play pattern-mixing up or down as you like. It's not all or nothing.

Think of it as our way of challenging you to try a little something different when you get dressed in the morning. A stylish way of saying you don't have to be afraid of colors, textures, and patterns that traditionally may not "go" together. Consider this a fun double dog dare NOT to wear that same mix of same-same pieces you always wear.

My sister in law made note of my wearing a charcoal gray skirt and tights with tall caramel colored boots the other day. I thought nothing of this mix. In fact, I love it. Ingrained in her mind, however, is some unspoken, long-ago rule about never mixing gray and brown.

I say NO to such rules. I say, if you have such rules, try to break them. Today!

Personally, I love Amber's playful, colorful look. It makes me happy. And maybe you'll be happy, too, if you try something new today.

Do you ever mix and match patterns when you put together an outfit? More or less than Amber is doing here?

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